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Facts about breast feeding

  • Good nutrition is an important thing for everyone for our survival, growth, mental development, health etc. In the case of a small baby, milk from the mother is the only nutrition that they can take and live. As their digestion system and all other parts of the body are not completely developed when they come out of the mother’s womb they can only digest the milk from the mother but most of the modern mothers hesitate to breast feeding of their child. This situation is most prevalent in the western countries.  There are so many different reasons for this situation but this affects the child health very much. One of the major reasons is due to unawareness among the people and thinks their breasts may become distorted when they give the milk.

    breast feeding

    breast feeding

    There will be several bad affects that the child will be affected because of artificial feeding. Breastfeeding actually complements very much in developing the bonding with the mother after they come out of the womb and also helps for the anti-social development of the baby. Not only these but also breast feeding is the best and nutritious diet for the infants. The better the health in the childhood builds better future health resistance power and makes the child strong enough to resist for different health diseases like polio, whooping cough etc. Most of the child deaths occurring are due to the lack of proper breast feeding and these are the facts given by WHO.  So avoid artificial feeding and know the importance of breast feeding. Theres lot of advertisement going on in supporting the breast feeding. Even the acctresses like angelina jolie also participating in this support. See our list of Famous People Breastfeeding pictures.

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  1. #1 Jay
    May 2, 2011 am31 4:09 pm

    Is that Angelina Jolie breastfeeding? hum hummm

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  2. #2 admin
    May 2, 2011 am31 4:42 pm

    Yes Jay, I believe it is a picture of the yummy mommy Angelina Jolie breast feeding her baby. I could look at breastfeeding pictures all day :)

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  3. #3 Carey Reams
    December 24, 2012 am31 5:45 am

    Breast feeding is definitely preferred by myself.

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