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What’s the Thyroid Role?

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    All these days we have discussed normal health conditions, now let’s move our glorious glands towards deeper concepts of health. This article comes out with glands of our body which plays a precious role to smoothly run a typically arranged machine, named body.


    Our typically body needs every minute part of it in a perfect condition; any change of its role tends to severe issues of health. One of such minute but most important marvelous part of body is thyroid gland. It is one of the largest endocrine glands and has very important role in every activity. This gets settled in thyroid cataliage with in the neck inferior. The role of it is use to manage the level of proteins and nutrients adequately in every part of body. This controls the activities of every organ and provides required energy.

    How it Controls energy levels?
    It’s the pituitary glands which order the thyroid glands and this intern comes from the parts of the brain called hypothalamus. Apart from this hormones also have an extraordinary role in body functioning. Hormones are one which signals certain body actions. Some meant to produce different glands and some meant for some specialized features.
    Thyroid which is actually located at throats right side below the voice box can migrate to all the body parts when person is in fetus mode. Though this is a very rare case, it just ends the human thyroid from neck to the chest. Thyroid generally consists of two lobes. This gets connected to trachea with the help of isthmus, while it is travelling windpipe (trachea).

    Guise of Thyroid
    Though thyroid is quite in weight but can tends to serious culprit when its function becomes abnormal. Thyroid glands are in bunch and they transfer the messages in themselves to operate the body in perfect condition. For this they need to produce few cells in absolute level. Either lesser or higher level of thus tiny cells tends to abnormal situations in human body.

    Thyroid role

    Thyroid role

    T3 and T4:
    Thyroid produces two different tiny cells and they are triiodothyronine and thyroxine and they are shortly named as T3 and T4. In this T3 is meant for production of iodine in numeric 3 and t4 generate 4 iodides. This iodine will enter in to the blood stream and plays their role in corresponding function. This iodine moves to every cells and confirms with the cell regarding their consumption of oxygen and nutrients, which is generally termed as metabolism. They also take part in heart muscle contraction and nerve function by increasing the utilization of cholesterol and nutrients. This ensures normal growth and brain development.

    C cells:
    There are few cells liberated from thyroid which manages the levels of calcium in body. As every one knows how calcium is important for human skeleton. The cells which play the role of calcium controller follicular cells or the parafollicular cells or C cells and the other are parathyroid hormone. But, too much of these hormones tend to builds of barriers in human performance. Based on the production of all these hormones, health culprits come in to the picture and those culprits are termed as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

    You can know more regarding these culprits and their effects and defects in the upcoming articles very soon. Hope this information makes you wise about the thyroid and its role in human body.

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