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  • Dealing with Panic Attacks
    By Health Blog on December 1, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    There are many reasons why panic attacks happen to a person.  Panic attacks are not easy to understand.  In fact, many have created their own ways to defeat the symptoms that cause anxiety panic attacks.  The mildest symptoms of the disorder are the obsessive desire to flee and escape other people’s presence.  Professional advice is recommended for those that suffer from chest pains and heart problems during the attack.

    There are many ways in handling a situation that causes anxiety panic attacks.  First and foremost, breathing is always the most viable factor that will help you beat the problem.  The exercise of breathing is simple.  All you have to do is to place your hands on your abdomen and push out as you inhale and push in as you exhale.  Relax and feel your concentration to the breathing process.  This will prevent the attacks from reoccurring.


    Another way to relieve your body from being troubled with panic attacks is to regularly exercise.  Try to do the routine as much as three times per week.  This will work off the stress that you feel from your normal job and life.  Doing such exercise will help your mind and body to relax and prevent emotions that causes anxiety panic attacks to spill over and embarrass you.

    Self-motivation and positive self-talk will help your body adjust itself from situations that causes anxiety panic attacks.  Fear of the unknown will hamper you to enjoy life.  These self talks and voice-overs will help you have that outlook in life that is free from any negativity.  Breathing and relaxation techniques are very useful in dealing with panic attacks, which will also help you in maintaining a positive outlook in life.

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  • How to solve the problem of tonsils?
    By Health Blog on October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    This is one of the problems that make us difficult to breathe and eat or drink anything. This problem generally occurs along with common cold. The throat may be red and hurt. When we already have the problem of tonsils then they create more problem when you eat or drink some cold items or during the winter season due to climate. The tonsils forms lumps on each side of the throat and become very painful and we can also get fever when suffering from this problem.


    There are some temporary treatment tips that can reduce the hardness of this problem but they are permanent and can show again when climate changes to cold or when we drink or eat cold items. The permanent treatment is tonsillectomy through which can completely remove them.

    • Temporary treatment methods:
    • Gargle with warm water with some salt in that water.
    • Take Paracetamol tablet for fever and pain.
    • If the problem continues with fever for more days then it might be a danger sign of rheumatic fever and this treated through penicillin.
    • If the child has tonsils very often then take the medical help.

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  • First aid treatment for poisoning
    By Health Blog on October 25, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    In villages of the poor countries poisoning is the most common thing done by the people when they get the so much grief and not able to repay the debts taken because of their agricultural fields were destroyed due to bad climatic conditions or when their love was not successful. This is one of the most serious problems of the poor countries. This is happening not only in poor countries but also in several developing countries. They choose this option more as this is thing that will be in their near hand. But death is not a solution for grief in our life. Life will be great and happy only when we get out of them and achieve success. But as one of the human beings it’s our responsibility to rescue the person even though he wishes. Let’s see what to do when a person got poisoned. Sometimes if there are small children they try to keep the things whatever they get in their hands they too get poisoned.

    So never keep kerosene, gasoline or any other kinds of poisonous substances near them as they would to drink them.



    • If you found that someone as poisoned then do the following immediately.
    • If the person is still in conscious state then make him to vomit by putting the finger into his throat or keeping a spoon into his mouth. Give him a spoon of syrup of ipecac with a glass of water.
    • If the person doesn’t vomit then lay the person on a cot, put in a well-greased stomach tube through his mouth and pour one to 2 liters of salt water through that pipe. Not press the stomach so that all the content inside the stomach comes out and continue till all the liquid comes out.
    • Have him a drink of all milk, beaten eggs or floor mixed with water.
    • Give him a spoon of powdered charcoal. Till he vomits completely give him all these things to drink.
    • If the person is in unconscious state then don’t make the person to vomit if he has swallowed kerosene, petrol or acids. Cover the person if he feels cold but avoid too much heat.

    Poisoned by pesticides:

    • If the person is not breathing then quickly do the mouth to mouth respiration.
    • Make the person to vomit and do give powdered charcoal to soak the poison in the glut.
    • Remove the person from the risk of further exposure.
    • If he has any convolutions then give him a sedative and protect him from the harm. Put a rolled towel or spoon in his mouth so that he does not bite his tongue.
    • Rush him to the hospital immediately if he is not treated immediately.

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  • Myths and Rids of Acid Reflux
    By Health Blog on October 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    acid reflux

    acid reflux

    The moment we feel hungry, we start eating some or the other food. It’s the reason why basically person strives and struggles all the day in office in spite of dislike over job. In this scheduled life of job we prefer for one or the other junk food and prefer to skip our meals. This risky options will left us with few or more health issues. Among all problems, digestive system is the basic issue which we come up. We can find many statements regarding digestive system and acidic problems. But among all very few consists accurate information and rest will be just myths. We are going to have brief idea over the digestive system and acidic problem and also the myths which are going around us over it.

     Acid Reflux:

    Acid Reflux is a burning sensation in the stomach which occurs due to the chronic regurgitation of the acids of stomach with the other liquids of esophagus. It generally occurs when the value called LES gets relaxed or gets closed at esophagus, then the acids of stomach gets mix up with the  liquids of esophagus and leads to irritation or burning sensation.

    Myths of Acid Reflux:

    Tolerable  Acid Reflux:

    Acid reflux mostly knocks the door when we prefer for a delicious, spicy food. Many of us assume that having a delightful food is more than the burning stomach. Our temptation makes us to take risk without considering the acid floods going to be held in oesophagus.  

    This can be cleared with a proper counter, but there are around 15percent of people who always neglect the condition and faces new issues of stomach. On continues attack of acid reflux can tends to damage of oesophagus.

    Acid Reflux rid

    Acid Reflux rid

    Last priority to liquids enriching acid reflux:

    Liquids like tea, coffee, alcohol or orange juices ruptures the acids of oesophagus and enriches the acid reflux making it to an intolerable burning sensation in stomach. Though there is no scientific evidence of this reaction. So if you find the issue when you find outs the reactions in stomach just after drinking any above mentioned liquids, then it’s better to come out of the habit of taking them.

     Frequent medication is unsafe:

    Many of us generally face the problem of acidity for which we frequently take the medication. There are cases where doctors also forcibly make us to consume the medication. But a frequent intake can lead to the lifelong solution for acidity. Effected persons have to intake throughout their life span which is not an accurate solution. Its rid is to consume the spice free food. To know more about the effective and permanent solution, it’s better to have a correct conversation about it.

    Prefer Milk and Mint instead of spicy food:

    Most of us prefer for spicy food which is the root cause for burning out the acids of oesophagus rather than having the mild food. It’s better to prefer milk and mint which can sooth the burning stomach and oesophagus.

    All over it is very clear that acid reflux can be cleared only when we don’t prefer spicy food, regular intake of medication and liquids rising the burning of stomach.

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  • Cosmetic Surgeries
    By Health Blog on October 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery

    Many innovations and researches of this world yielded many benefits for a human life. It’s the time where human can do many things; almost nothing is left for a human to gain. Among all, plastic surgery is one. Now it’s very easy to change the features of human face or body.  Plastic surgeries can set the body parts which are changed due to the misshapen, defects and injuries. With this many came out of inferiority complexity, many turned to perfect featured persons, many earned the fame in society. Many of surgeries got introduced into the society and cleared many of the physical issues which commonly rose by normal people.


    The plastic surgeries came out from the word Plastikos which means ‘able to mold’. This face changing procedure was introduced in late 1900 and found significant effect on human features. According to scientific Webster’s Dictionary, plastic surgery is reconstruction or repairing of physical defects involving skin, musculoskeletal system.  This means the plastic surgery is possible for face features like nose, cheeks, mouth and body parts like breast, trunk, external genitaliya etc.

    Cosmetic Surgical Procedures:


    Rhinoplasty is the nose surgery which shapes out it into a perfect shape. Few of us generally face the situation which will be beyond the cosmetic like facing problem in breathing. At such cases Rhinoplasty can give them a perfect rid and also offers aesthetic harmony along with other features.

    Complications after Rhinoplasty:

    There will be few pre and post operative considerations to have an effective surgery without any side effects. But in spite of all, there will be few risks like excessive bleeding, blood clots, skin color changes, irritating intensive itching, skin color irregularities, swelling, breathing problem and few more.



    Augmentation Mammaplasty:

    This surgery is meant for the breast enhancement.  It got initiated in 2006 where 329,000 surgeries have been done. Later it s process is decreased. This is done using silicone and saline implants for reduction of breast, to set the unsatisfactory shape and position and also to fix the issues of its functionality.


    It’s the most popular surgery meant for the people who founds more fat in specific parts of their body. It’s the removal of excess fat from parts of the body. But, this surgery is not suitable to the people who have the habits of smoking, drinking and improper health.


    It’s the surgery to eyelids. Generally when a human goes through tired, stress, age, illness there will be drop of eye lids and these makes the human looks older than what he actually is. To prevent this people prefer to Blepharoplasty, an eyelid surgery. This makes the people to look younger all the time without defects over eyes.


    It’s also called as tummy tuck which makes your tummy slim for the people whose abdominal skin gets enlarged and lost the flexibility. This is mostly preferred by women after their pregnancy and overweight people who lost their weight excessively.

    These are the most popular surgeries which are frequently preferred by many of us for gaining the cosmetic aesthetic look.

    See also, a Video of Rhinoplasty Surgery being performed on a patient.

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