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First aid for the wound care treatment-part1

  • Please note that this is not a full-fledged informative article on this topic. I’ll be giving some precautions which many people tend to ignore or may forget in a hurry.

    When you are providing first aid for a wound care, first you should always think about your own safety. If you yourself have an open wound on your hand you must cover it or wear gloves. If you get infected by other peoples wound then you might get sick yourself and then you can’t help anybody. Also if you have infected wound on your hand you might infect someone else and as Florence Nightingale said that it is most important to “do no harm”.

    Always wash your hands well with clean water and soap before handling a wound. Remember to wash under nails.

    When we clean a wound we should always try and use boiled cooled down water. If that is not possible then as clean water as possible. The instruments we use (if any) like scissors and forceps should preferable be sterile. We do that by boiling the instruments. In shallow and small wounds it is ok to use clean instruments but if the wound is deep we should use sterile technique.

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