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Reasons for the occurrence of acne!!!

  • Usually the diseases occur to the people who are weak and prone to be affected by the virus or some bacteria but the strange thing with acne is that it occurs in the healthiest and most hygienic of people. So what causes acne? Is it the environment? The water we use? The food we eat? Or is it some form of allergy? The answer is possible a combination of all.

    There is no knowing when or where acne will strike anyone. People of all ages have been affected by this dreaded skin disorder that just does not seem to go away, and if it does go there is no guarantee that it will stay away. That acne was a condition of teenaged skin is a bygone belief of yesteryear, people aged well over 40 have contracted acne and have been stuck with the disorder for years. So acne is definitely not choosy about age caste or creed.


    Then what causes acne?

    There are cells within the skin those secret natural oils for the nourishment of the hair follicles in the skin in general. These glands are the main culprits that cause acne. The severity of the attack depends on the habits and the type of skin of the person. The oil secreted by the glands clog the pores in the skin, which lead to infection and accumulation of pus. This is acne that is very difficult to heal.

    The kind of food you eat, the place you stay and the way you look after your skin all play a vital role in deciding your risk level of contracting acne. A hot humid climate will lead to a very oily skin. This is the very first indication that must put one on the alert and repelling action must be taken if one does not want to develop acne.

    A good way to go solve this problem is to habituating to cleansing of the skin. Wash your face at least twice a day with a facial cleanser such as glycolic acid. This cleanser does not leave the skin dry but leaves behind enough oil to nourish the skin. Never use an oily substance to clean the skin as oil is the natural culprit that clogs the pores leading to acne in the first place. Also never dry the skin completely.

    Take care of your back at least once a day along with your neck, shoulders and arms as acne also strikes these places as well. When you have finished the cleansing process then use some good skin moisturizer to replenish the moisture in the skin. This may sound very tiresome but it is necessary if you have signs of developing acne.

    Acne is more prevalent in adolescents as they go through a very rough phase of life with their hormones becoming very active during this part of their life. Adolescents experience many eruptions on the skin and at most times these eruptions change into acne. Testosterone is the main culprit causing acne. Testosterone is a hormone found in females as well as males, it is not purely a male hormone.

    Stress is another culprit that causes acne so take some time off to meditate and de-stress yourself. It is important to control stress if you want your acne treatment to be effective. Stress produces toxic substances that can cause extra oily secretions that clog pores leading to acne. So clean your skin, and relax then let your acne treatment work for you.

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