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Tea tree oil for better acne treatment

  • Acne is a growing skin disorder the world over with more and more people getting this dreaded skin disease. The problems caused by acne are increasingly growing all over the world. Acne is caused due to the eruption on the skin and can occur on the face, the most common places for this disorder to occur are back of the neck, arms and the back.

    People find this common skin problem very difficult to treat at the best of time. The longer one has to live with acne the greater the risks of having to live with the scars acne leaves behind – for a lifetime. Depending on the person some acne products might suit them and some products might not. It is really a trial and error system to determining how to get rid of acne. Then again there are the tried and tested ways that guarantee to rid one of acne or at least reduce it to a great extent.


    It all depends on the type of skin affected by acne. Some skin types respond best to medication and some simply reject the treatment outright and these people have to resort to special technical procedures such as acne laser treatment. There are several medical treatments for acne, some resort to herbal medication such as skin applicants or drugs, while there are others who advocate the use of laser treatment for a permanent cure.

    It is best to determine the toxicity or the severity of the skin before resorting to any treatment of acne. If your toxicity levels are low then you may be able to cure your acne problem with a few researched herbal applicants such as tree tea oil. This is a proven method that has no side effects and leaves a patient very satisfied.

    In a recent research publication tea tree oils were assessed for their ability to treat acne and were rated very good being the best result and very less threat to the skin. Australian tea tree oil turned up with best results which was the highest and means that it was the best way to treat acne. The treatment preparation is quite easy; one just has to add 2 drops of the tea tree oil to the acne affected area with a piece of cotton wool. Treat a small area at a time as opposed to the whole acne affected face at a time.

    Acne can also be treated with:
    1. Desert Essence Blemish Oil but not very effective.
    2. Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Oil.
    3. Burt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Parsley Blemish Stick with Willowbark.

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