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  • Home Remedies for Acne
    By Health Blog on August 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    It is very common to see small pimples on your skin in your teenage and in the early twenties. If your skin is an oily skin then they are more in number. They are part of everybody’s life and growth, so don’t panic when you see them for the first time on your face or back or chest. Unfortunately, acne also appears in similar way but it is a disease (ranging from mild to severe). This is common in adolescence but also occur in infants and adults. You can differentiate between the normal pimples or pustules and acnes with little careful observation. Normally, pimples are small in size and also they life span of them is less than a week. These grow slowly and also melt slowly on your face, chest or back. Acne is not a problem as long as it is in mild stage like pimples.

    What not to do with acne and pimples?

    • There will be little pain while pimples are growing, which will tempt you to disrupt it because of which they spread over a large area and also marks will be left on the skin. So, never touch them.
    • Change your diet when you see those symptoms and it is advisable if you can control your food from teenage.
    • Don’t eat too spicy and oily foods as they increase the pus formed in pimples.
    • Wash your face regularly for every 4 hours with water [cold water is preferable].
    • Use skin specialized or oil control soaps.

    I saw many young people rushing to a doctor whenever they see small acne on their face. Personally, I suggest you not to consult a doctor for every small problem as it increase your medical bills [especially in the present recession age]. Instead try a few home remedies acne. I have read a post on this recently while I was browsing through some health blogs.


    Here are some home remedies for curing acne

    1. Apply lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon to the affected area
    2. Apply natural honey to the area affected to reduce spots
    3. Mix baking soda and water then apply only after you have cleaned and dried the affected area and leave it overnight

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