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» Acne Scars

  • How to prevent acne scarring?
    By Health Blog on April 10, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    People especially teenagers suffer so much with pimples because of their itchy nature and sometimes pain that they create during their breakout. There is another bigger problem teenagers face because of these acne that they leave scars on our skin and if they occur on the face they leave face very ugly. So its very important to know how to reduce the scar formation due to acne.

    Various kinds of acne leave different kinds of acne scars. There is good news though; acne scars can be effectively and permanently treated. Doctors also advise a proper acne treatment that needs to be carried out on a daily basis by the affected individual to prevent the return of the problem.

    acne scars

    Identify type of the skin:
    The first step in the treatment of acne is to understand the type of skin of the affected person, the kind of acne that needs to be treated and the best treatment for the kind of acne being treated. Acne scarring and the corresponding treatment varied from individual to individual, mainly depending on the kind of skin being treated. Doctors find it difficult to understand what skin type will be affected by acne and to what extent will the skin scar. Understanding this condition is important for the effective treatment of any form of acne.

    It is a common consensus that acne must be treated as early as possible in order to treat the condition most effectively and prevent permanent scarring. Acne is not expected to be an overnight procedure. Acne treatment lasts weeks and sometimes years depending on the severity of the condition. It is important to treat the condition before it consolidates and becomes hard to cure. Many people treat acne as and when it appears and takes preventive measures; however some people find it hard to rid themselves of this ugly mess of pimples and expert help is called for.

    The most important of the matter is to prevent inflammation to occur if you want to prevent acne scarring. Remember never to irritate an acne infected area; irritation will surely lead to acne scarring. If you are prone to scarring from acne it is best to consult a skin specialist at the next outbreak of pimples on your skin. Remember early treatment is the secret to prevent acne scarring.

    Acne scars are of two types. Those scars caused by the loss of skin tissue and those caused by formation of skin tissue. Scars can also be formed by excessive tissue formation. This kind of scarring is caused by extra deposits of collagen in skin tissue. This substance is produced when the skin reacts to an injury and over production of it leads to scarring though this king of scar fades over time.

    Scars formed when tissue is lost are very much like scars formed by an attack of chickenpox. These are very common scars and equally hard or rather impossible to treat. The best way to prevent acne scarring is to prevent the disorder itself. So seek medical help at the earliest when you notice those infamous pinkish bumps on your skin.

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