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  • Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face
    By Health Blog on October 8, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments
    acne therapie

    acne therapie

    The beauty of girl begins from the aesthetic features, cute colored skin tone, and slippery smooth skin texture. When any one of it is missed, it seems like spots over the moon. Though the moon spots makes beauty to it, dots of strawberry forms quite look to it. But the same spots over the girls skin makes her look out of beauty box. This spots mostly cause due to the acne problem. There is a cure for many of the skin problems, but it’s not the case with acne, no complete cure to it. There are some treatments and some medications for avoiding the break outs of acne.

    Basically the acne has three stages based on the range of acne. Topical, systemic and procedural are the categories. To know the acne stage and its accurate treatment we can consult either dermatologist or esthetician. Esthetician is not a dermatologist but will have complete information regarding through it. He/she may not provide the exact medication but offers the effective treatments.  On the basis of severity we can prefer either dermatologist or esthetician.

    Treatments on Severity Basis:

    Topical Acne Treatment:

    This is the treatment for the acne which ranges from mild to severe. Its include creams, lotions, ointments. This can be provided either by dermatologist prescription or at the counter. It’s an outer layer treatment which can cure mild to moderate acne by over dosage of creams. On severe cases, it’s better to prefer prescriptions.

    Systemic Acne Treatment:

    This is the treatment which is basically either in oral form or in pill form. This cures the treatment internally rather than effecting on outer skin. This includes some medications like hormonal treatment, Isotretinoin and also oral antibiotics.

    Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face

    Use Acne Therapies to Beautify Your Face

    Procedural Acne Treatment:

    These are the therapies which are made by the dermatologist or practitioner or estheticians. We can many numbers of therapies for mild to severe type of acne problems.

    Chemical Peels: It’s actually a light chemical peel consists of alpha hydroxyl, beta hydroxyl or glycolic acid. This peel is not to peel the skin but to exfoliate the skin by removing the dead cells and helps the acne to clear out its debris.  This works effectively for the people having the acne range of mild to average. This therapy can be done by estheticians in the form of facial.

    Phototherapy: This is the treatment for acne by reducing inflammation, shrinking the sebaceous glands, killing acnes etc. It’s completely laser treatment and its duration and effect ranges based on the level of acne.

    Injections: Injections are meant to heal the lesion. Lesions are made of Cysts which complete damages the skin tissues. To avoid this corticosteroid injection which is a combination of reducing inflammations will be injected.

    Comedo Extractions: This is the coaxing plugs of sebum and cellular debris by extractioning comedo and facial pores. This reduces the breakouts by just removing the black heads, milia and soft closed comedones. This process is implemented only by the dermatologist.

    All therapies can easily cover the breakouts and avoids the acne problem.

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