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  • What are Symptoms of allergies?
    By Health Blog on April 1, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Allergies are common to most of the people and we don’t know when it will attack so we must know when to seek medical help just in case we suffer from any form of allergy symptoms. We normally never know when we are going to be stricken with an allergy. Common symptoms of allergies are running nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itching and hives on the skin.

    Allergies can strike anyone anytime and just about anywhere if the allergens are around. So you will never know when you are going to have that sneeze or itching. Most allergies can be treated easily using over the counter medications, homeopathic medications and even by just avoiding the triggers. But there are certain allergies which can be life threatening if not treated immediately. This can even cause death to the person if the symptoms are severe. This is the reason why we should understand the difference between allergies whose symptoms can be classified as mild, moderate and severe and when medical help should be sought.

    symptoms of allergies

    The symptoms which can be termed mild are those which we normally experience like sneezing, watery eyes, itching and nasal congestion. Sometimes there might even be rashes on the skin or hives. Sometimes the symptoms do not spread all over the body and can be termed as very mild. If you find the rashes spreading all over your body then you are in for a more serious problem. These types of mild symptoms can be treated using nasal decongestants, eye drops, anti histamines and topical creams for the hives or rashes. These would not warrant a visit to a doctor but only when the symptoms last more than 2 weeks.

    Allergy symptoms can be termed to be moderate to severe if the symptoms spread all over the body and when they become threatening to the patient’s life. Symptoms like continuous itching and difficulty in breathing can be termed as moderate while severe symptoms include swelling in different parts of the body which can even cause discomfort while swallowing food or breathing problems. Sometimes nausea, diarrhea and vomiting can also occur when it is severe. At times one can even feel dizzy with no clarity of thoughts. The moment you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms then seeking immediate medical help is important and advisable. These are the symptoms or the life threatening condition called anaphylaxis.

    Normally most allergies that occur in people are often mild and can be quite easily treated using over the counter prescriptions or home remedies. But having a knowledge about the severity of allergic symptoms will not be harmful either as it will help you to seek immediate medical help if the situation warrants one. Normally most allergies that occur in people are often mild and can be quite easily treated using over the counter prescriptions or home remedies. But having a knowledge about the severity of allergic symptoms will not be harmful either as it will help you to seek immediate medical help if the situation warrants one.

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  • Remedies for Annoying Allergies
    By Health Blog on February 3, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    For every season, the most irritating and disgusting disturbance with either sneeze or continues water flow spoils the every days activity and leads to unexpected health disasters. And this happens just because of allergies. Allergies are mild issues, but this builds an unbreakable barrier to a healthy life with a non stop running nose, itchy and watered eyes, irritating ears. These mild allergies can also tends to secondary health issues like sinus infections, asthma, ear infections. It’s like a tail to human always disturbing, deviates the concentration from daily or urgent activities. Continues effect of this season friend can tends to strong bond for life long and no medicine can melt this bond completely. So a prior action is very essential for the seasonal allergies before they occupy the battle ground. This article enriches the readers with the precautions and preventions before or after effect of allergy causing bacteria or fungi. Fallowing these tips can avoid the intruders to enter in to your immune system.

    How Allergies takes birth?
    As the human reacts to the changes in the environment, in the same way the environment changes for every season. Because of these seasonal changes, the birth of highly effecting bacteria takes birth and attacks the immune system. If the immune system resistance is less than the intruders attack, then it leads to the cause of annoying allergies. This effect appears before the age of 30 and its severe impact leads to the drastic health issues. This tends to unpleasant conditions like cough, sneezing, running nose and this because of releasing mucous from nasal passages towards throat. And this poisonous mucus ruin is termed as a post nasal drip can give rise to even digestive disorders like upset, stomach, diarrhea and constipation. This simple allergy caused because of pollens or dust can tends either secondary or drastic health issues.
    Are Allergies preventive?
    Despite of having no complete cure, a hygienic life and fallowing tips can prevent the all kind of allergies and returns the liberty from annoying effects of disgusting allergy. A proper home remedies itself is the perfect cure for the allergy causing culprits. Along with this a good treatment also matters for perfect prevention.

    Remedies for  Allergies

    Remedies for Allergies

    • The smell of tobacco leads to aggressive respiratory problems. The smoke of cigar effect the children more easily compared to elders. Avoiding the smoke in home or in near by areas can prevent the symptoms of allergies.
    • Stop visiting the homes where you find your allergy raising pets like cat, dog etc. This culprits increase the level of bacteria in immune system very easily.
    • Check whether allergy begins in the wind areas. If it’s the case spend less time outdoors as the air borne toxins initiates’ high level of allergies.
    • Wear glasses specially in pollen season; it specially avoids the eye allergy causing bacteria affecting the eyes. Rinse eyes with cool and clean water, when ever an itching or irritation occurs. This soothes the annoying irritation else prefer for antihistamine which retains the relief with no side effects.
    • Among all nose irritation is worse case among all the irritations. This irritation can be rid by irrigating the nose with saline solution which flushes outs the inflammation gets locked to the nasal pipe.
    • And last but not the least a complete hygienic life avoids all allergy causing bacteria. Regular cleaning with effective detergents, soaps, vacuum clears corresponding definitely have a positive impact on health. Prefer for home remedies like tea, ginger, baking soda, salt, steam etc can also plays key role in preventing the production of bacteria and fungi.

    You can be free from annoying allergies by maintaining the best home remedies.

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