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  • Angry
    By Health Blog on July 7, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    People when they are very much frustrated or very much tired of work will usually get very much angry as they can’t cope up with their body as they work whole day. But angry disappoints others very much and it creates so many other health problems also. Not only health problems it also reduces the relationships. Angriness sometimes leads to high blood pressure and finally leads to heart attack sometimes. So reducing angriness is very important and it should be controlled. We need to learn some tips to control angriness. I feel very bad when I get angry and scold my children. I tried so many ways to reduce my angriness. I tried to figure out why I am getting angriness and I came to know it’s because of the work stress and sometimes due to stress. I am doing meditation since 3 months and I am able to reduce my angriness very much and stress on me. This brought me a great change in me and I consulted my family doctor also and he suggested taking some good diet and that will also make us delightful and reduce our angriness.



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