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  • Causes of Anxiety Depression
    By Health Blog on April 5, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people put an extra strain on themselves by getting into tasks that they take upon themselves, and this naturally leads to stress. It is not only a strain on the body but it affects the mind as well – in severe cases it could lead to a nervous breakdown. Again, there are others who are hyper active and feel the need to get things done on time and this takes a toll on their health, both mentally and physically. For such people, there is help that they can seek and they can avail of this treatment for anxiety depression.

    People who are stressed out because of undertaking a whole bunch of activities which they find difficult to cope with display certain nervousness and behavior that is erratic – they indulge in mood swings as pressure builds up. They need to relax more frequently and face things in a composed manner in order to retain their sanity.

    In order to treat yourself, you need to make a self analysis of your thoughts and behavior, so that you can consult with a therapist and get yourself the right cure.

    anxiety depression

    Different Types of Depression

    There are various types of depression – Manic and Cyclothemia are similar because the person has mood swings – they can experience highs and lows frequently. Dysthimia is not as severe, but needs to be treated as soon as possible. Then there is postpartum depression which involves extreme stress during childbirth and the fear of taking care of a new baby – this also needs to be taken care of at once. There is a depression that occurs during the change of seasons, particularly in winter – moods change and become melancholy and feelings of irritation and anger are known to haunt a person.

    The most common type of depression is Anxiety Depression. While it is normal to worry about every day things, to be continually worrying over anything that happens needs to be dealt with by visiting a therapist.

    GAD is known as a Generalized Anxiety Disorder where a person displays a greater sense of paranoia and is greatly stressed out for no known cause – there are also symptoms that occur like sleeplessness, inability to concentrate and focus, inertia, but the good news is that there is treatment available and when you recognize these symptoms, you should visit a therapist who will diagnose your symptoms and treat it accordingly. Medication may be prescribed, which will help to calm your nerves, so with the right therapist and medication you will be on the road to recovery.

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