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  • How to get out of asthma?
    By Health Blog on July 14, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    I am writing this article to help the people who are suffering from the problem of asthma which myself feel very hard to bear an asthma attacks. Asthma makes us to breathe difficult and causes along with the cold and cough and creates so much unseen problems which are very hard to bear. Asthma partially obstructs the bronchial tubes.
    There is no permanent treatment to this problem. Through some of the natural ways we can somewhat reduce the problem of asthma. To reduce the asthma attacks take the vitamin C and magnesium more which makes the blood circulation very much and makes respiration easy. Magnesium will be present in mineral water, so drink as much as mineral water as you can. Taking a coffee when you are suffering from asthma can reduce its effect by activating the blood circulation.
    There are some exercises that can reduce the asthma. They are, when standing make the muscles more contracted for few seconds and then release air and relax all your muscles completely until you feel like a limp cloth. Fall on the floor and stretch out the body and relax the face and feet and close the eyes. Then concentrate on the effect the earth’s gravity has on your muscles and on the pleasant feeling of being completely relaxed. Breathe slowly and quietly and if you are about to fall asleep open your eyes. This exercise will help you a lot when you are attacked by asthma.

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  • How to get out of Asthma
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The people who are suffering with cough and cold for log time and when they are having any allergies of dust or cold then these people are more vulnerable to asthma and there s no permanent cure for this disease. There are only medicines for temporary relief. The people suffering with asthma can’t take their breathe properly because of the blocking of their nasal cavity and they will get sounds when they breathe and this occurs due to the humidity inside the lungs.

    This disease should reduce as the age grows by itself but there is no proper treatment except to keep away from the asthma conditions like getting into the cold climate and smoke areas etc. People should take so much care in order to control this disease and they have to use the medicine continuously. They have to take the rotahaler inhaling medicines when they are being severely affected by this. There is some good medicine that is available in Homeopathy for this disease. But people have to use this medicine continuously. Using the steam air to breathing when asthma is severe will help a lot and it’s very natural. When this is more severe and can’t bear the situation ten we have to contact the doctor immediately otherwise our breathing will stop.

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