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» Avoid Eye problems

  • Avoid Eye problems
    By Health Blog on July 13, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We show very much interest towards watching T.V very much and almost in every family there will be a T.V. Even in a small family we can find T.V. According to the recent survey, people in USA watch T.V for highest amount of time for 15 hours a day. Next comes the people of china. This is one of the most available entertaining and communication technological device. People watching T.V has to face so many health issues like eye problems, back pain because people don’t maintain correct distance while they are watching T.V and don’t sit in correct position. The major reason for most of the people having eye sight defect is due to T.V. By watching T.V constantly for a long time makes it very stressful and they should not focus constantly on close objects. If you are watching T.V for a long time take some breaks between when you get some advertisements so that it gives some relief to our eyes and also move your eyes and make them exercised. Don’t watch the computer screen staring, scroll the screen always and try to move your eyes. If possible try to reduce watching T.V if you suffering with some eye problems or headache. If you are relaxing don’t watch T.V as it makes more strained.

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