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» avoiding asthma

  • What are the things that make asthma worse?
    By Health Blog on May 4, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Asthma is one of the major breathing problems that people are suffering with. There are several reasons for this health problem but there are no strong and supporting reasons behind these causes. One of the main things to avoid or reduce the severity of the asthma is to avoiding yourself from some conditions which make the condition more severe. The following are the things that make your asthma more badly. So try to avoid these situations as soon as possible.



    Dust Mites

    Many people who have asthma are allergic to dust mites. Dust mites are like tiny “bugs” you cannot see that live in cloth or carpet.

    Things that will help the most:

    • Encase your mattress in a special dust-mite proof cover.
    • Encase your pillow in a special dust-mite proof cover or wash the pillow each week in hot water.
    • Water must be hotter than 130 °F to kill the mites. Cooler water used with detergent and bleach can also be effective.
    • Wash the sheets and blankets on your bed each week in hot water.

    Other things that can help:

    • Reduce indoor humidity to or below 60 percent, ideally 30–50 percent. Dehumidifiers or central air conditioners can do this.
    • Try not to sleep or lie on cloth-covered cushions or furniture.
    • Remove carpets from your bedroom and those laid on concrete, if you can.
    • Keep stuffed toys out of the bed, or wash the toys weekly in hot water or in cooler water with detergent and bleach. Placing toys weekly in a dryer or freezer may help. Prolonged exposure to dry heat or freezing can kill mites but does not remove allergen.

    Cigarette smoke:

    Keep away from cigarette smoke and if you have the habit of smoking, it is very important that you have to stop smoking as this makes the situation more badly than anything.

    Animal Dander

    Some people are allergic to the flakes of skin or dried saliva from animals.

    The best thing to do:

    • Keep pets with fur or hair out of your home. If you can’t keep the pet outdoors, then:
    • Keep the pet out of your bedroom, and keep the bedroom door closed.
    • Remove carpets and furniture covered with cloth from your home. If that is not possible, keep the pet out of the rooms where these are.

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