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  • How to reduce chronic back pain?
    By Health Blog on May 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Back pain is one of the health problems that are very difficult to deal with because no one can exactly say the origin of this problem. The intensity of pain varies from individual to individual. Our way of handling pain is also of a different nature. One may have the capacity to bear the pain whereas the same pain can be intolerable to the other person. All of us experience toothache, headache, and several other painful health problems in our lives. In short to handle pain is not an easy task and this article will advise you on how to handle chronic back problem.

    back pain

    back pain

    The term chronic suggests that it has come to stay with us and back problem that stays with us throughout is difficult to deal with. The solution lies in the way the problem is dealt with. You can enter a phase of depression thinking about your pain and the amount of trouble it is causing you.

    Prepare your mind: This can cause only harm to your body and mind as well. The best approach is to inculcate positive thoughts and register this fact in your mind that the pain is quite bearable and is not bothering you at all. But a person experiencing chronic back problem probably may not agree with you on this point saying that only the person undergoing the pain can know the trouble lying behind it.

    Stretch exercises: But I would like to defer on this point. You are ultimately what your thoughts make you. Exercise plays a dominant role in chronic back pain. Certain back exercises can stretch your muscles and this can prove to be an advantage to you as this enhances their strength. A person having chronic back pain may find it a Herculean task to exercise as it causes pain to him.

    Lack of exercise will only worsen the situation as the muscles become quite weak and then your slight movement can increase your pain. Chronic back pain should be handled in its initial stages and the person should click upon a solution to deal with his back problem.

    Never delay: Delays can increase your torture and make the pain unbearable. Your positive attitude towards life can help you take a step towards exercise and sort out many health problems.

    Medication: Medicines usually go a long way in treating chronic back disorders. Pain killers relieve you of your pain but they also carry a certain amount of addiction with them.

    Certain drugs should be consumed after much research on that particular medicine as you become immune to them and then the dosage of the medicine need to be increased to relieve you of pain. Stronger doses of any medicine can only carry an adverse impact with it on your body.

    Drowsiness sets in and your active life is adversely affected by it. Eventually your functioning of the brain becomes slow. Accelerate your positive thinking process and get hold of the right medicines with no side effects and get relief from chronic back disorders.

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