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  • Bionic Eye for Blind
    By Health Blog on April 1, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    defected eyes

    defected eyes

    As the age grows, the mechanical system of human body degrades gradually and raises several health barriers. A man can be managing his life in absence of few organs, but few are keen important for the human survival, one of these are eyes. Eyes are the organs which make to view the beautiful world, alerts at danger point. But as the age grows, the vision power degrades and sometimes drags out to zero vision. At this moment people needs to depend on others. In order to resolve this problem in people who lost their vision due to some macular degeneration and retinitis pegmentos. With the keen role of biotechnology since from 20 years, a new concept came in to lime light which clears the problem of blind people, and the concept named as bionic eye. This electronic eye (Bionic) will be fixed in place of original damaged eye along with battery.

    Birth of Bionic Eye

    Many biotechnology companies did lots of research on retina system and found Bionic eye which can give the vision ability to the blind (partially). Right now there are 55% of people in the world who are facing visual defects in different levels of macular degeneration or retina pegmentosa. This both damages the cells which perceives light and transmits the light signals to the brain in the form of nerve impulses. Later they are interpreted as images. When these cells power ruins, the vision power degrades. For maintaining vision ability for the partially blind people, bionic eye has designed. This grabs all light and transmits as nerve impulses to brain and brain interprets those signals as images.

    Parts and procedure of bionic eye:

    A bionic eye mainly consists of five parts and they are Micro processing chip, video camera, radio transmitter, radio receiver and retinal implant.

    bionic eyes

    bionic eyes

    • Video Camera captures real time pictures and sends to the microchip. This video camera is made of two fine glasses. This captures the images as light and dark points. These will be processed by the video processor.
    • Micro processing chip processes the images in to electrical signals and sends these signals to the radio transmitter. Processor transmits the pixels in the radio signals and moves to radio transmitter.
    • Wireless radio transmitter transfers this signals to the nervous system and radio receiver perceives the signals and resends to retinal implant through hair thin implanted wire.
    • Retinal implant allows moving these signals to the brain by maintaining array of 60 electrodes each with 1mm. The electrodes gets excite as soon as they receive the signals from the radio receiver. These signals are sending to the brain by neural signal in the same way as the healthy eye sends signals to brain.

    This wonderful artificial eye is going to be released in very short span. Currently a 15 electrodes sight is under clinical process and ready to release as a commercial product for $30000.It is a second version with high resolution and improves vision ability. The research is still going for the third version which can give the best sight.

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