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  • Health Distressing Sleep Apnea
    By Health Blog on December 29, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    sleep apnea

    Every moment with hectic schedule, gap less work, serious stress on mind is the current modern techno life style. As every one knows even machine needs some free time to make it work efficiently, in the same way human needs some relaxation which retains strength and energy for tomorrow’s life. A complete relief can be retained only by going in to deep sleep. What if you can’t able to sleep? Then it’s the time to find heal on the earth. Your drowsy ness makes your diminish your health, drags you out of concentration, disturbs your working schedule, what not every things seems like a Everest. One of the sleeps robbing health disorder is a Sleep Apnea.

    Dream defecting Disease- Sleep Apnea:

    It’s a sleep disorder, causing breaks to the breaths in the sleep. This makes minimum of 10 seconds gap in breath either because of neurological arousal or of de-saturation. Sleep Apnea causes around 5 to 6 interrupts per hour, leading to severe health causes (even to death). Every breathing pause is termed as apnea and as it is found during sleep, it is named as sleep apnea.

    Based on the level of breathing interrupts, sleep apnea is labeled with three stages- Central, obstructive and complex. Lack of respiratory effort leads to central sleep apnea, physical blocks to respiratory tends to obstructive. The simultaneous attacks enriches to central sleep apnea. Precautions and prepared awareness of this dream attacking devil (sleep Apnea) is very important.

    Symptoms and Seeds of Sleep Apnea

    The basic symptoms of this sleep interrupter are zero sleep during nights and driving to drowsiness all the day. Inventing many interrupts and finding many breath gaps in sleep. We find generally in elders, but this can be observed in most of the youngsters. One of the main cause of finding this issue even in youngsters is the addiction of ecstasy (a synthetic drug causing hallucinogenic and stimulate effects).And results in sleeplessness, tension, blurred vision and many other effects. But it is mainly initiating and enriching sleep apnea. And it is observed that the usage of ecstasy is more in high school children due to the low cost rate.

    Single stroke of sleep apnea tends to form a way to several disasters like depression, lack of concentration, irritation, high blood pressure, morning head aches, memory loss problems, harmonically imbalance in men, gasp or chokes during sleep. All this health issues raise to life disasters like heart attack, disorder of brain, suicides, so on which is going to be the turning point of our cool and pleasant life.


    Rid of Sleep Interrupt

    Though the best remedy is the prevention, after effecting the rid becomes essential. Pertaining best remedy depends up on the level of sleep apnea. A continuous positive airway pressure (C.P.A.P.) is the main way for mild and moderate attacks of sleep apnea. Apart from CPAP, doctor even suggests to do some more things which are listed below.

    Controlling the food consumption, avoiding drugs, alcohol and other sedatives can control Sleep Apnea. Dental appliances also help you to come out of this effect. Going through surgeries like tonsillectomy and UPPP (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) makes your sleep issues come out of this. Doing some yoga ensures speed recover.

    You can enjoy the world only when you sustain with good health. Lack of sleep due to over stress can turn your life to restlessness and unwilling tired moments. Prefer works which earns money to sustain and also enjoyment with some required relaxation. Don’t take a chance in terms of health.

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