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  • Diet for eliminating candida
    By Health Blog on August 17, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Most of the people don’t know that there will be some yeast and micro flora in our stomach which releases some acids and substances to digest the food that we take. But like everything for the healthy body there should be a proper balance of this yeast. When this balance is maintained digestion process occurs in proper manner and keeps us healthy otherwise the situation of imbalance leads to a number of health problems like irritation, anxiety, acne, migraines etc. These are only some of the diseases that are due this imbalance.

    The major reason for this imbalance is due to the reduced number of yeast cells which is caused due to the use of antibiotics, birth control medicines, and other consumption of toxins along with the food that we eat. So this is one of the major health problems that we need to consider and take some preventive measures when we are suffering with this problem. 3lac helps to reduce these problems very easily by introducing the good micro flora in to our stomach and intestinal system to maintain the balance of these bacteria for good digestion. This should be done very carefully. If this bacteria was introduced more into our body, leads to other health problems like over growth of bacteria and yeast and causes several health problems.

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