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» care of the eyes

  • Taking good care of the eyes
    By Health Blog on August 26, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    The eyes are very delicate part of our body and we need to take very much care about this sensitive part. Infections of the eye spread very easily and if the proper treatment is not taken leads to blindness of the eyes. Follow the some of the basic rules to protect your always from several bad happenings.

    1. Keep your eyes clean by washing them with clean water. Washing eyes at bedtime is very good as it removes the dirt and dust collected in our eyes throughout the day.
    2. Always use a clean cloth to wipe or clean something in the eyes. Do not use the dress that we are wearing as it contains several dust and dirt. These may cause serious infection in the eyes.
    3. Don’t keep the hands into the eyes when something falls into the eyes. Try to use a clean cloth to clean your eyes.
    4. Each person should use a separate cloth or towel for wiping eyes. If you the other clothes then you will easily get the eye infections.
    5. When applying the surma use a separate finger. Keep the box closed after the use as so much dust falls into that box.
    6. Show any eye infection to a health worker as we have to get the treatment as soon as possible for eye related problems. Do not use the medicines given road-side sellers as these may cause other eye infections also.


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