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» causes of warts

  • Warts and causes of their occurance
    By Health Blog on March 30, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Warts are very common that we see on our body. It is actually caused by a viral infection and is known to be a benign tumor in the upper layers of our skin known as epidermis layer.  A wart is only caused due to a virus.

    The human papilloma virus, also known as HPV is responsible for causing warts to appear on the outer layer of the skin.  The virus lives at the bottom layer of the epidermis but our skin may appear to be normal when it contains this virus.

    There are different types of the human papilloma virus.  There are many different types of the virus that can get into the skin so different types of warts may appear in the skin depending upon the type of virus.  Some of these types are known to be a root cause of cervical cancer and other related cancers.  A wart can appear anywhere on the body like under our foot, fingers, genitals etc. but only on the outer skin layers.

    Warts are very common and most of the people get a wart at least once.  Warts can be extremely frustrating and bothersome.  These are sometimes painful if they are in a location like the heel of your foot and some are not painful but they may be irritating because of their presence.  This can make it difficult even to walk if they are under our foot.

    There is a myth that warts are caused because of frogs. But this is not true. Frogs do not carry the human papilloma virus and they do not cause warts to appear on the skin. Warts are only due to viral infection and the virus comes to the surface of the skin in the form of a wart.

    There is another myth about warts is that they have roots.  Warts do not have a root in the bottom or underneath it they grow to the top layer of the skin, which is known as the epidermis.


    Causes for warts:

    These are caused by the virus known as human papilloma virus.  As there are different varieties of virus, this virus does not affect everyone in the same way. This is because all bodies are different and react to viruses and infections differently. Some people are less prone to develop a wart and may never get, while other people may have warts on different areas of their body.

    The human papilloma virus comes in over 100 different varieties with different combination of DNA combinations.  This virus develops in the epidermis of the skin and can cause warts all over the body.  Warts can grow anywhere on the skin, even on the genitals and the rectal area, and even inside of your mouth.  Generally warts develop on the fingers and hands.

    The actual cause of the human papilloma virus is unknown.  This virus is not one that can be treated or minimized in individuals because there is not a cure for this virus.  Doctors know only how to treat or remove warts when they arise from the virus but they do not have a cure on preventing them from developing on our parts of the body.

    As there are so many varieties of the human papilla virus, there are hundreds of different types of warts.  So the treatment for all warts is not the same.  Some warts can be treated and removed with basic medication in just a few days while some other types of warts may remain for months and be very difficult to remove.

    It is also common for a wart to grow in the original location at which it occurred previously.  Not all warts act or look the same because they may come from different strains of the virus. Some warts may be very painful while others may not very painful but they may create pain if they are growing.

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