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» Choosing a diet

  • Choosing a diet
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The most appropriate diet is the matter with which you can maintain your weight, without having a constant feeling of deprivation, while enjoying your meal. There are traditional and modern diets, rigorous and type ¨ eat everything without taking weight ¨. What should follow? But it fits in your character and your habits.

    If you are disciplined and I like to impose yourself a strict diet that suits you. If instead you’re prone to enjoy, then you need a more relaxed diet, which allows you some delicious breaths. You are lovers of fashion? Choose a diet that contains more modern dishes that will not remind you of your grandmother. Love traditions? The Mediterranean diet is perfect for you.

    What is important is the diet that will choose to look carefully first. Do you know what you propose to eat and what your limitations. You can not eat every day foods that you do not like. As well and be healthy, you should find an alternative.

    Be careful in cases where a health problem. Medical diets is unfortunately required. We should not just lose a few pounds in order to meet certain standards. Our Organization is faced with a problem and should help to overcome.

    The importance of physical activity

    There are two main reasons why increasing our body weight. First recruit more energy than is needed to maintain weight, and secondly we are not enough to consume energy.

    Physical activity has now declined considerably, with the modern lifestyle is quite sedentary, excessive car use, while few people are engaged in some sporting activity.

    The value of physical activity to manage weight is huge. Those who exercised regularly to keep body weight stable and within normal levels, the addition of physical activity is the best way to regain some lost weight. The benefits of physical activity is both short and long term, and facilitate weight loss and enhanced the growth of muscle mass and losing body fat. Thus, despite the loss, the basic metabolism is reduced and the person manages to maintain a stable weight.

    The physical activity which will follow and this depends on your character, but by the time you have. Give more weight to aerobic exercise has the advantage of stimulating the cardiovascular system. The weights (anaerobic exercise) show the addition and not as the main part of your exercise, unless of course you like this kind of exercise. The tours and walking in nature with friends or family for example is a very good physical activity, including psychological and renews us.

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