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» Clean before eating

  • Clean before eating
    By Health Blog on July 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Contamination of food is one of the many reasons for health problems. Contamination of food may occur due to pollution of air, water, soil etc. Food may contaminate due to water when we don’t use fresh water for cooking. Soil is also one of the reasons as we may eat vegetables like beets and carrots without washing them properly. The fruits and vegetable that we bring from market are also contaminated with several pesticides that are used in plantations for better growth and to protect from pests contain poisonous substances and when we eat them without cleaning them causing several diseases.
    Food additives and contaminants that are coming from processed food, food manufacturing and packaging also affecting our health. The packaging that is used for food should be good that should be made of quality plastic and if possible try to avoid the processed food that is stored in plastic containers which contain poisonous substances that will spread to the food. So beware of the chemical risks that the food we can is vulnerable and eat with some care.


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