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» control of vomiting

  • How to control Vomiting?
    By Health Blog on July 26, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Vomiting is a common health problem that is faced by all people which comes generally along with other problems like fever, headache etc. Many people, especially children, have an occasional ‘stomach upset’ with vomiting. Often, mo cause can be found. There may be mild stomach or gut ache or fever. This kind of simple vomiting usually is not serious and clears up by itself. Vomiting is one of the signs of many different problems, some minor and some major. Vomiting actually comes from a problem in stomach or gut, such as an infection, diarrhea, poisoning from spoiled food or acute abdomen, hepatitis, tonsils etc. Before getting a vomiting we can feel some signs of vomiting then we can seek the medical help immediately. Some of the common danger signs and which need medical care are:

    • Dehydration that increases and that you cannot control.
    • Severe vomiting that lasts more than one day.
    • Violent vomiting, especially if the person cannot defecate or if you cannot hear giggling sounds of your stomach are some of the signs.
    • Constant pain in the gut.
    • Vomiting of blood.


    How to control?

    • We should not anything until the problem is solved. Eating makes the problem more severe.
    • Sip some tea or herbal teas like camomile etc.
    • For dehydration, give small frequent sips of tea or rehydration drinks.
    • If the problem still continues, use a tablet with promethazine medicine.

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