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  • How to cure Chronic wounds
    By Health Blog on June 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Chronic wounds can be harder to care for. We always look for signs of infection. The signs are redness, oozing, heat, inflammation, puss, pulse-feeling in wound and distinct smell. If a wound is infected and the person has fever they need antibiotics. We need to clean the wound. If there is a lot of dead skin or debris in it we must try and remove it. It can be good to bathe the wound in water with antiseptic soap in it to loosen the dead skin and debris. After we bathe the wound we should shower it with boiled cooled down water (not the same water we bathed the wound in) and remove all debris if possible. If there are black patches in the wound or necrosis we must cut that away. Healthy wound that is in healing process should look red, no smell, sometimes yellow patches which is fibrin and is good. The edges must also be clean and healthy because wounds close from the edges. If edges or skin around the wound has fungal infection the wound will not close.

    Then we put dressing on it. Use antibiotic cream in infected wounds and petroleum jelly in clean wounds. If the wound is oozing a lot or has much puss in it we must put thick patches of gauze on it.

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