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» Deafness

  • Deafness
    By Health Blog on July 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Deafness is one of the biggest problem that is faced almost all old people which makes then reluctant to the society and they lose all their contacts and suffer a lot. This disease causes the person not able to hear the natures beautiful sounds and musical notes. Deafness that comes on gradually without pain or other symptoms is usually incurable, through a hearing aid may be helpful. Sometimes deafness results from ear infections, a head injury or a plug of dry wax.

    If an older person is losing hearing in one or both of the ears occasionally with severe dizziness and hears a loud ringing or buzzing, it is possible that the person is suffering with Meniere’s disease. He may also feel nauseous or vomit, and may sweat a lot. Give an antihistamine, such as dimenhydrinate and should take the rest on bed till the symptoms are lessened. The person should have no salt in his food. If the person doesn’t feels better soon, or the problem becomes more severe, then the person had to contact for medical treatment.

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