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  • Tormenting Hiccups Story
    By Health Blog on March 14, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Every one of us always seeks for smooth health with not even sneak or calf. But it’s not possible for any human. It’s quite common of facing few health issues either in low or high range. One of them is hiccups. Hiccups are the most embarrassing, frustrating and funny obstacle. Once it attacks, on its own wish it leaves despite of fallowing several remedies and methods. But why this hiccups rises? What happens when it spells out? How can it be stopped? All this are quite common questions which will rise when the word hiccups comes in to the discussion. This article is specially meant for answering this entire question in a firm way.


    Hiccups are the common and involuntary fits which will not allow smooth conversations, eating a meal and also flow of thoughts. Hiccups can be found from new born baby to ready to take a last nap old man. Generally hiccups at least 4 to 60 times per minute. The hiccups pattern usually changes from person to person. Based on the span for bout of hiccups, its specification varies. Hiccups spell from minutes to days. Some times these extend to years. Persistent hiccups are those which remain for at least 48hours and hiccups episode extends to years then it is termed as intractable hiccups. Apart from persistent and intractable hiccups all are common and curable spells. But persistent and intractable hiccups can drag to extreme situations in health, even to death.

    Theory of Hiccups

    According to recapitulation, tormented hiccups begin in the womb during the respiration and before the lungs development.  Due to this reason premature children hiccups for2.5 times than matured children. Many scientists were pondering from decades about the occurrence and précised remedies of hiccups. But the fact is there is no specific précised rid for hiccups. After several researches many defined hiccups and suggested different methods as rid. These may be effective or non effective.

    hiccups process

    hiccups process

    During the process of inhale and exhale, the air took from mouth and nose enters in to pharynx, and past glottis and enters in to the larynx and then in to trachea and finally reaches lungs. The diaphragm located in between chest and abdomen is a large muscle which operates the airflow. While inhaling it moves down and comes up while exhaling. And the movement of diaphragm is controlled by phrenic nerves. The irritation to these diaphragm triggers tormenting spasm.

    Spasm makes person to take short and quick breath, a space between the epiglottises got closed and start interrupting the breath. And the sudden closing creates the sound and it is termed as hiccup.

    Culprits of Spasm

    The culprits of hiccups are generated by the activities of the person. Things done by person effects his own body and tends to spasms. There are only few issues which raise spasms and most important one is full stomach. It can either food or air. Full stomach pushes it stuff towards the phrenic nerves of diaphragm and results to the irritation and takes birth of hiccups. The stuff like spicy food, hot food items easily irritate diapharea. Some times emotions like shock, excitements can also cause hiccups. Due to the changes in food, beverages and internal body parts also leads to hiccup fit.

    Development of hiccup leads to?

    Persistent Hiccups and their intensity cause several health issues. Based on the spasms seviority hiccups categorized in to five types: one enriches nervous problems, some creates nerve irritation, and few tends to anesthesia or surgery and also to mental health issues. All are equally important and highly prioritized, so if hiccups exceeds more than 48 hours heading to doctor is quite important.

    This information can easily know what’s happening in your body when hiccup fits and can enrich you to prevent few things like having full stomach by inserting all junks, over reacting to emotions etc. Friends we will give more information on this in the future coming article.

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