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  • Twilight zone diet
    By Health Blog on August 31, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    This diet is one where people swear that they are doing everything right but are still not getting desired results. Actually the problem is that you are surely not being practical and your intentions are sure not matching your actions. That is you are intending to do one thing and expecting another. Researchers have found that people exaggerate more on the amount of exercise they are doing and under estimate their calorie intake whereas in reality they are consuming more and exercising less.

    The innovative era is leading to newer discoveries day by day. Researchers are of the belief that by decreasing the rate at which human metabolism burns fat could actually increase fat consumption overall. Scientists carried out experiments on mice to study what happens when dedicated genes responsible for catalyzing energy are suppressed and they discovered that instead of shutting down the metabolic system the switched to back up energy, employing less effective means of burning fats to energy. And in this way that ended up by burning more fat and using it up .This experiment opened newer horizons for the scientist to venture and look at the diet and physical aspects with a new perspective and adopt them in human weight loss programs.

    According to French scientist, they have found a drug that can trick the body into burning fat even on a high fat diet. This scientist found a drug that protected mice against weight gain and insulin.

    Danish scientist discovered that a drug called Tesofensine could be used to treat obese people. A drug used for the treatment of Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases caused unintended weight loss and made the scientist realize that it could be useful for obesity. It worked while changing the way of the three nerve signaling chemicals that have their effect on the brain.

    Health hazards of using drugs for weight loss:


    Many medical doctors are against the use if these drugs and allow them to be used in cases where there are severe problems related to weight gain. Plus they strongly recommend that these drugs should be used after going through a proper medical test so as to access the patients’ reaction against the drug being used and prescribing the necessary safe dose.

    Along with health problems such as increases in blood pressure and other heart related problems there are many psychological problems too. Many obese people react differently to these drugs and some may show suicidal tendencies. So the support of family and friend s is a basic necessity if these programs so that the individual can achieve his goal with his loved ones support. Depression is another associated problem with these weight reducing drugs

    So scientists are against the use of these drugs as self medication because the people may suffer both physically and psychologically.

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  • Check your diet plan weekly to reduce fats
    By Health Blog on August 3, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We are getting an overwhelming response these days to our articles on this blog. I am happy to see them and they are encouraging us to write more. We were very busy in the last 4 days and couldn’t update this blog very much. Hopefully we will compensate for them in this week. Many of the readers are showing interest in the diet reviews and tips that help you in keeping body fit and healthy. I don’t if you have ever noticed this or not, but the diet we take is little tricky. Most of the time we eat food to satisfy our taste rather than to satisfy our hungry. As long as you don’t realize the difference between these two you can’t control your diet and extra calories. This will be explained in detail in this article.


    Before you are going to eat anything, just ask yourself if that food can be substituted with water i.e, instead of eating that food, can you fill your stomach with water and get back to your work. Most of the time, your brain says no and forces you to eat heavy caloric valued food which is spicy and tasty. Unfortunately, the right food doesn’t have a good taste like pure water which doesn’t have any taste, smell or color. Force yourself to substitute this food with water even though you don’t like it. This may make you feel discomfort for the moment but at the end of the day you will feel lighter and also happy for not taking fats and carbohydrates which make you lazy and unhealthy.  I don’t ask you to completely be away from burgers and pizzas, you can have them but at a lesser quantity for the future benefits. How many are actually keeping a diet plan of your body? Do you write what you are eating every day and checking the diet at the end of the week?

    Not everything that we put inside our mouth keeps us alive. Sure, our food gives us energy but there are some foods that contribute to a weakened immune system and general deterioration of our body. Don’t take too much of bad fats like packed snacks, bad proteins like too much of sugar, bad proteins like read meat. All these things will damage your body’s key antibodies that will protect you from dreadful diseases. If you want to try some products that will help you in keeping healthy, then you have to do a great search as there are too many Colon Cleanse products available in the present market. All of them are not as good as they advertise. There are a few which will really help you in keeping your body fit and healthy.

    Colon Cleanse

    All we are asking you is to reduce one pizza and a burger from your weekly diet. This may sound simple and easy when you read but when it comes in practice, it is difficult. The habit of postponing the useful activities is the biggest enemy of any human. It is the primary reason for any human of not being a healthy person. Well, we will talk about diet chart in the next week and hopefully we will prepare an excel sheet and upload it for you which can be used by you so that you can keep track of your daily diet. That chart will help you in controlling your diet.

    Coming to the diet reviews, I have come across a good diet review site named web for health. This website has a lot of diet products which may be useful for you. So, have a look at them and make the best use of it.

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  • Proper health care and diet
    By Health Blog on July 1, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    During the college days, one of my friends had a very ill health few days back. He lost his appetite, lost his weight by nearly 6 kgs not at a time but slowly. He was was limping because of leg pain and was not able to neither sit nor can he sleep. When he had his blood tests done, he got to know that there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12. He had a raised count of ESR and also STSH. He was very much worried and went back to his home for treatment. His parents had taken him to the doctor and had taken care of him day and night. After returning to the college after 1 month, he was in perfect health. When we investigated why it happened, we came to know that due to his work holism, he was not concentrating on his food and sleep. Especially he was not eating meat, egg, not drinking milk or the items which has above elements in it. So, taking proper diet and proper sleep are very very important without which, one cannot concentrate on his work. So, happy Sleeping and Happy Eating  :)

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  • Diet habits
    By Health Blog on June 19, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Diet habits are very very important to keep our body healthy and free from diseases and help us to lead a healthy and joyful life. Most of you know about eating habits, living habits etc but you may wonder about this diet habits. Diet habits means having the right food according to time, age, health conditions, climate and the diet that we should follow all time. Improving our diet habits is very important thing and awareness about the diet habits is compulsory because if we eat ice-cream during the rainy and humid and when we are suffering with cold and cough is very dangerous and it will increases the problem very much. So knowing about the diet that we should have is very crucial. Here are some of the tips for your diet.
    It is always good to eat the fresh vegetables that we can eat like carrots, tomatoes, beetroot etc which will help us in removing the problem is constipation and free motion. We can eat these fresh vegetables at any time during any time. We can have them in the form of juice also but try to have with pulp which is the essential thing that we are wasting.
    Eat daily atleast one fruit in the morning along with your beak-fast which will supplement your morning diet. Young people should not eat oily foods and food items which contains chesse which will increases the fat content in our body and increases the belly which will be difficult job to reduce. Young people should care of their food very much as most of the young people now a days are suffering with the problems of success of sex.
    Old people should always prefer the vegetables and fruits and reduce the eating of oily and foods which contains salt or chilly which will increases the blood pressure and leads so many other problems like heart attack.
    Finally for each and every one it is very important to have the leafy vegetables to eat. They contain so many vitamins, proteins which will help our mind and body very much.

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