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  • Role of Emotional Success in Drug Rehab
    By Health Blog on January 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    We have seen a lot of drug rehab centers in the previous posts and we are trying to post as much as we can on this topic because the number of victims of drugs is increasing exponentially these days. However, till now we have see n various kinds of techniques used for treating the drug addicts. I have learned recently that there is a different kind of approach in treating them, i.e. ‘A-R-T’ of recovery technique and importance of emotional success while treating these people. Chapman Rehab is one of the rare rehab centers who are following their unique approach in treating the patients as they are getting better results though it is little painful and lengthy for them. They are good at preparing their patients to deal with day-to-day emotional issues. Any person, irrespective of man/woman will be treated by them who suffer from Alcoholism, Chemical Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Eating Disorders or other Psychological Issues.

    drug rehab program

    drug rehab program

    A lot of tests will be conducted by some of the prominent medical experts to know the exact problems faced by the patients. As a result they will provide the best suited medicine and treatment to cure the patients. The three important things that a drug rehab will be acknowledged are accountability, responsibility, time. One thing that fascinated me about them is they have 30+ years experience medical professionals who have seen many kinds of drug addicts and they are well versed in treating them. Their drug rehab program will compromise of 12 step programs, anger management sessions, family education sessions, stress management sessions etc. Their clients will not only be treated for drug rehab but also make them to strengthen their spiritual power which will help them to recover quickly. All of their psychiatrists and/or physicians are ASAM certified which is rare to see. The other thing that is interesting about them is, they value their client’s privacy deeply and they keep all your information confidential. If you are planning to join a drug rehab center, then give a call to these guys and understand what is their approach and you will understand the difference between these people and rehab centers

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  • Take Etreme care during Drug Rehab
    By Health Blog on November 14, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    It is really moving to see a rehab patient freaking out near a rehab center last Saturday as the treatment given to him acted against his basic body functionalities. The main reason was, the doctor’s gave more dose and handled him wrongly, as a result the normal rehab person’s brain is broken down. He is not even responding to the doctors. When I enquired more about it, I learnt that they followed aggressive approach in curing him i.e. they have tighten his strings with continuous checking, medicine and therapy. One of the basic principles of treating rehab patients is spend enough time with the patient so that they believe you and follow your instructions carefully. Later you start your treatment and get him out of the addictions. It is patience not aggressiveness that makes him into a normal person. My personal opinion is to opt for a residential or inpatient treatment for a rehab patient than outpatient or detoxification therapy. The drug rehab clinic London is one of the rehabs where you find doctors who dedicated themselves to the patients.

    rehab center

    rehab center

    You need to have a specialized and dedicated program for every individual person so that he can treat them better. UK Rehabilitation Clinic & Treatment Centre provides one of the promising result oriented outputs and they believe that the complete detoxification of the patient is only the measure for the successful treatment. Well, though I didn’t check their center personally, I feel that they are good at this by looking at the procedures and methods they are following to treat their patients. They provide a homely feeling to the patient with all the facilities like personalized room, telephone, television, variety of dishes, pleasant communal programs etc. Though everything appears good and there are few things that they need to provide, may be location of their rehab centers have to far from the town near beaches and villa model would be good. The lack of profiles of the doctors is big blow on their website. Well, great things are tested and proved only after a span of time and I am looking for this center to prove the same.

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