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» electromagnetic radiation

  • Don’t expose to electromagnetic radiation
    By Health Blog on August 17, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Can you imagine the world without electricity? We can’t live without electricity even a second in this present situation of complete dependency. As we always move along the electricity wires and electric appliances, there is one important health problem that we are exhibited to. It’s the electromagnetic radiation that radiates around the electricity cables and close to the electric appliances. The very low frequency fields produce several adverse affects to our health. This radiation causes several long term as well as short term affects to our health.

    The short term affects include nerve and muscle stimulation and changes the excitement of the cells in the central nervous system. This may lead to the paralysis of the body parts also. Mostly there are less short term affects but if the body is exposed for a long time then we have to face several adverse health problems. Some of the long term affect are:

    • This is the main reason for childhood leukemia with the general residential magnetic fields exposure.
    • Childhood cancer can occur if exposed consistently to these radiations.
    • Depression is a common symptom when exposed to these radiations.
    • Reproductive disorders, cardiovascular problems, developmental problems of children, degeneration of nervous system are common health problems that occur due the electromagnetic radiations.
    • In women this causes the breast cancer.

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