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  • Myths and Rids of Acid Reflux
    By Health Blog on October 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    acid reflux

    acid reflux

    The moment we feel hungry, we start eating some or the other food. It’s the reason why basically person strives and struggles all the day in office in spite of dislike over job. In this scheduled life of job we prefer for one or the other junk food and prefer to skip our meals. This risky options will left us with few or more health issues. Among all problems, digestive system is the basic issue which we come up. We can find many statements regarding digestive system and acidic problems. But among all very few consists accurate information and rest will be just myths. We are going to have brief idea over the digestive system and acidic problem and also the myths which are going around us over it.

     Acid Reflux:

    Acid Reflux is a burning sensation in the stomach which occurs due to the chronic regurgitation of the acids of stomach with the other liquids of esophagus. It generally occurs when the value called LES gets relaxed or gets closed at esophagus, then the acids of stomach gets mix up with the  liquids of esophagus and leads to irritation or burning sensation.

    Myths of Acid Reflux:

    Tolerable  Acid Reflux:

    Acid reflux mostly knocks the door when we prefer for a delicious, spicy food. Many of us assume that having a delightful food is more than the burning stomach. Our temptation makes us to take risk without considering the acid floods going to be held in oesophagus.  

    This can be cleared with a proper counter, but there are around 15percent of people who always neglect the condition and faces new issues of stomach. On continues attack of acid reflux can tends to damage of oesophagus.

    Acid Reflux rid

    Acid Reflux rid

    Last priority to liquids enriching acid reflux:

    Liquids like tea, coffee, alcohol or orange juices ruptures the acids of oesophagus and enriches the acid reflux making it to an intolerable burning sensation in stomach. Though there is no scientific evidence of this reaction. So if you find the issue when you find outs the reactions in stomach just after drinking any above mentioned liquids, then it’s better to come out of the habit of taking them.

     Frequent medication is unsafe:

    Many of us generally face the problem of acidity for which we frequently take the medication. There are cases where doctors also forcibly make us to consume the medication. But a frequent intake can lead to the lifelong solution for acidity. Effected persons have to intake throughout their life span which is not an accurate solution. Its rid is to consume the spice free food. To know more about the effective and permanent solution, it’s better to have a correct conversation about it.

    Prefer Milk and Mint instead of spicy food:

    Most of us prefer for spicy food which is the root cause for burning out the acids of oesophagus rather than having the mild food. It’s better to prefer milk and mint which can sooth the burning stomach and oesophagus.

    All over it is very clear that acid reflux can be cleared only when we don’t prefer spicy food, regular intake of medication and liquids rising the burning of stomach.

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