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  • Fitness exercise to be done at home
    By Health Blog on July 19, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Physical exercise is the perfect complement to the diet and especially for a healthy life. However, despite the recommendations of physicians, cardiologists, nutritionists, etc. many people today lead a sedentary life with little or no exercise. This lack of exercise leads to overweight, loss of vitality, agility and even humor.

    During exercise calories are released, tension and endorphins (hormones of happiness “). The exercise puts us in, turn around our body and helps the good functioning of a healthy mens in corpore healthy. ” That is why since Hacerdieta.com you dedicate a space to the subject of exercise or fitness is fashionable.

    A few days ago we talked about the benefits of batuka as a mixture of dance and fitness. An explosive combination!

    We also talk about the differences and benefits of static bike and elliptical bike.

    Today we’ll talk about an exercise routine to do at home. Ie, just spend about 15-20 minutes, either morning or getting up at night before going to sleep.

    Routine exercises to do at home:
    Before beginning it should do some stretching, a warm-up a couple of minutes.

    Exercise 1. Jump to the rope.
    Start with 5 minutes of aerobic exercise. This exercise is very simple and both the active muscles of the legs and arms. Skip to comba tones and strengthens the twins, quadriceps, shoulders, deltoid. It also promotes the functioning of the heart. Especially this type of aerobic exercise, we used to burn excess calories and sweat shirt. If you do not have custom and difficult to combine with a jump rope, you can also do it without rope, that is just doing the jumps with both feet at once and alternated each other (without rope).

    Exercise 2. Squat.
    Continue with 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions of squat. This exercise is to stand with your feet together, back straight and bend your knees as if we wanted to touch the ground with the rear and down the entire back up. If you tend to lose your balance, we can just hang on to a chair.

    Exercise 3. Abs.
    The third year consists of 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions of sit-ups. This popular exercise will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, however, getting a flat stomach and gradually shape the abdomen area we recommend the advice offered in the article to have a “flat stomach and abdominal markings.

    Exercise 4. Waist rotations.
    Continue with some simple rotations waist. Is standing with both feet slightly apart and off the ground, we will turn the waist to the right and then left. We will do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

    Exercise 5. Inflections.
    Finally we propose two sets of 10 repetitions of flexion. To perform this exercise, which strengthens our arms (biceps and triceps), we recommend that support the knees in soil (which is easier to support only the tip of the feet) and hands (the height). Bajéis the body and turn upward.

    If you are curious and would like to know how many calories you lose 30 minutes of doing an exercise, check out our:
    Table of calories that you burn calories for different exercises.

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