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  • Check out the Beautiful Aesthetic Eye Shadows
    By Health Blog on September 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of BH Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine.

    The moment a person absorbs a girl, the contact begins from eyes. A beautiful eye of a girl attracts the world with in a fraction of seconds. When these beautiful eyes are well designed with amazing eye shades, then it’s of no matter to be at the peak in the list of beauties. It sense that when a fascinating eyes gets combined with the good eyeshadow, elegance of girl enriches to more.

    Shading eyes is an art which needs a skill and good quality and radiant color eye shadows and brushes. As eye shades plays such a major role in beauty it is very important to consider a high quality eye shades. The beauty routine improves with the makeup and attractive eye shades are part of it. People who are very much enthusiastic like me can prefer BH Cosmetics which offers different radiant colored eye shade palettes with in affordable prices.

    Aesthetic Eye Shadows

    Aesthetic Eye Shadows

    Many girls prefer for makeup which remains on face for long period. This is possible due to the high pigmentation in cosmetics. To reach this requirement, BH Cosmetics offers the eye shadows of highly pigmented, which allows the soft and sparkling shade for strong and long period.

    As these beautiful eyes are very precious it needs an extra ordinary care and precautions. We have to choose the eye shades which are free from side effects and return a positive change along with the magnificence eyes. BH Cosmetics can offer such eye shade palettes offering many types of amazing color combinations with attractive impact over eyes. It could be professional or the party based make up, irrespective of situation we can choose this eye shades palettes as it ensures us the endless color combinations. Amazing colors with high quality are available in the market with in affordable price from BH Cosmetics. These eye shades will be available in different radiant colors in single palettes.

    Choose the best eye shade palettes with multiple colors and forms various combinations along with your make up kit and check out the dazzling change in look and turn your appeal as an angel from heaven.

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  • Get Rid Of Dark Eye Bags
    By Health Blog on June 3, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Even the most beautiful of features can be marred by the presence of those dreaded dark eye bags that haunt the eye socket area of the face. Everybody wants to get rid of them, regardless of the gender or age. 

    While usually we associate them to lack of sleep, they could also be caused by impurities in the blood, digestive disorders, they may be hereditary and can also be an affect of ageing.


    Although there is no proof of the validity of the ages old remedy of placing cucumber or potato  slices on the eye bags for fifteen to twenty minutes daily. Some even do that for a longer time. It has been known to work and one of the reasons why it has been around for so long and is so popular. Besides, anything natural rarely has any side effects.

    Other ways to solve the problem include heating and applying olive oil through cotton buds on the lower eye-lids. The oil will cure the sogginess and wrinkling of the eye-lid skin. Even applying used & chilled green tea bags on the eye bags is also widely practised. But the tea bags require about five to ten minutes of application to take effect.

    The phenomenon is strange as you will hear scientific circles advising one thing and the masses doing something else. But it certainly concerns a beauty conscious person and developing healthy habits like maintaining a sufficient and balanced liquid in-take, avoiding caffeine, nicotine and too much alcohol, and getting your beauty sleep can avoid dark under-eye bags in the first place.

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