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» first aid for poisoning

  • First aid treatment for poisoning
    By Health Blog on October 25, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    In villages of the poor countries poisoning is the most common thing done by the people when they get the so much grief and not able to repay the debts taken because of their agricultural fields were destroyed due to bad climatic conditions or when their love was not successful. This is one of the most serious problems of the poor countries. This is happening not only in poor countries but also in several developing countries. They choose this option more as this is thing that will be in their near hand. But death is not a solution for grief in our life. Life will be great and happy only when we get out of them and achieve success. But as one of the human beings it’s our responsibility to rescue the person even though he wishes. Let’s see what to do when a person got poisoned. Sometimes if there are small children they try to keep the things whatever they get in their hands they too get poisoned.

    So never keep kerosene, gasoline or any other kinds of poisonous substances near them as they would to drink them.



    • If you found that someone as poisoned then do the following immediately.
    • If the person is still in conscious state then make him to vomit by putting the finger into his throat or keeping a spoon into his mouth. Give him a spoon of syrup of ipecac with a glass of water.
    • If the person doesn’t vomit then lay the person on a cot, put in a well-greased stomach tube through his mouth and pour one to 2 liters of salt water through that pipe. Not press the stomach so that all the content inside the stomach comes out and continue till all the liquid comes out.
    • Have him a drink of all milk, beaten eggs or floor mixed with water.
    • Give him a spoon of powdered charcoal. Till he vomits completely give him all these things to drink.
    • If the person is in unconscious state then don’t make the person to vomit if he has swallowed kerosene, petrol or acids. Cover the person if he feels cold but avoid too much heat.

    Poisoned by pesticides:

    • If the person is not breathing then quickly do the mouth to mouth respiration.
    • Make the person to vomit and do give powdered charcoal to soak the poison in the glut.
    • Remove the person from the risk of further exposure.
    • If he has any convolutions then give him a sedative and protect him from the harm. Put a rolled towel or spoon in his mouth so that he does not bite his tongue.
    • Rush him to the hospital immediately if he is not treated immediately.

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