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  • First aid tips for you!!!
    By Health Blog on June 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people don’t know the importance of First Aid which is very essential for all people in every place we move and every place we live. There are millions of people who died because of the lack of facility of first aid immediately after the accidents. First aid is like one more life to us which we don’t consider it as a crucial thing and its importance but it is the kit which saves you at peak time. Even most of the organization doesn’t maintain the first aid kits properly. So learning about the tips of first aid is very important to our life and knowing them will also saves so many other lives as well. Here I am giving some of the first aid tips which will help you at peak time to save your life.
    Most of the people died due to the fire accidents. When a burn occurs due to fire or contact with liquid plastic or tar, first stop the burning by covering the body with a blanket or some thick cloth and stop running or rolling and pour cold water on the body for 10 to 15 min. Then apply some ointment for burns like burnnol or hydrocortisone cream and take to hospital immediately. Remove all the things that were present on the body and keep the body in free air.
    If the burning occurs due to electric shock immediately separate the body from electrical sourse and check for the heart beat,if heart beat stops or becomes slow then push with hands on the heart to make it active and immediately take to hospital if severe burnings occur.
    Most of the people are bitten by some animals like dogs or monkeys etc. when a person is bitten by any animal then immediately clean the wound with dettol or any antiseptic lotion and then make the wound dry by cleaning with cloth. If the wound is swollen then apply ice and if there is severe pain then take OTC medicine for pain and then get the medical care and also check for the further infection.
    When people are bitten by snakes, it is very important to provide a first aid to the person before taking the person to doctor immediately otherwise the venom will spread throughout our body and spoil all our body. The intensity of snake bite depends up on type of the snake but for all venomous snake bites first we have to prevent the blood flow from the bitten spot or place by tyeing with some rope or thread so that the poison wont spread throughout the body. It is very important to contact the nearby hospital for further treatment.
    Always try to carry some of the basic medicines like dettol,any antiseptic ointments, cotton, plasters etc. in your vehicle as first aid kit which will help you very much.

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