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  • Fits or convolutions
    By Health Blog on July 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    When a person gets fits, he suddenly looses consciousness and makes strange movements. Fits come from a problem in the brain. In small children common causes of fits are high fever and severe dehydration. In very ill persons, the cause may be due to meningitis, cerebral malaria, or poisoning. A person who often suffers from fits may have epilepsy.

    Epilepsy causes fits in people who otherwise seem fairly healthy. Fits may come hours, days, weeks or months apart. In some persons they cause loss of consciousness and violent movements. The eyes roll back. In mild types, the person may suddenly blank and behave oddly. It’s the common disease that children get in some inherited families or it may come from damage of the brain, high fever or tapeworms in the brain.


    When a person gets fits:

    Place a bit of wood, a key or a similar object covered with a clean cloth between his teeth, so he doesn’t bite his tongue.

    Do not try to restrain him during a fit. Protect him from any danger like fire or hitting himself with something.

    Clear the people around and make some around him to get him the fresh air.

    If he vomits or splits, turn his head to one side so that he doesn’t choke.

    After he recovers from fit, give him hot tea with plenty of sugar.

    If the fits occur for a long time then give him the injection “valium“.

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