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» Five element perspective

  • Five element perspective – The real truth behind your cravings
    By Health Blog on September 3, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    There is an old misconception that you’re if body craves for food and drink then there maybe a deficiency of that particular food in your body. And the lacking of these particular nutrients such as vitamins and minerals start cravings in individual for those nutrients .And the new age myth is that or body has an inner wisdom and knows what it wants’ and if we listen to it then they will surely guide us to healthy living. I think three is some truth to this conception.

    In truth our body at times tells us what we need to drink and eat especially when it is relatively healthy. We are thirsty for water when we feel dehydrated; crave for protein when our activity level increases and carbohydrates when we are mentally more active. And we feel like eating non nutritive substances like dirt and paper when we are desperate to fill in the mineral deficiency .Maybe your lack of calcium is responsible for your ice cream cravings. And you drink a lot of cola’s when you have an addiction for sugar.

    The important point is that at times your body knows what it needs and at times it is stuck in a viscous cycle when it craves what is worse for it.

    Five element perspective

    In Chinese treatment there is an old method of the five element perspective. The relationship of the five elements is the association with the season, emotion, taste and organ. More appropriately the five basic elements are:

    1. Metal
    2. Water
    3. Wood
    4. Fire
    5. Earth


    Metal is associated with grief a, water with fear, fire with joy, wood with anger and earth with worry. The earth type person tends to be over weight and worries a lot and has food cravings for sweets. But this works both ways. Adequate amount of sweet is good but over dose can injure the person. And when the earth element is weakened the appetite decreases, digestion is affected and sweet cravings increase and the person starts getting symptoms of mental and emotional stress and fatigue. Sugar taken in smaller amount cam strength the person and these cravings can be fulfilled with using cinnamons and other herbs though these herbs are not as sweet as sugar but they surely but they are naturally moderately sweet.

    These five elements determine the relation between the organs but also tell us about how emotions correspond with these various elements. The basic concept of this theory is to see the inter connection of these elements through the universe. First we have to carefully study how these elements balance each other. By applying and using these elements in a balanced way can give us a healthy, balance in life.

    Chinese medicine principle is that water nourishes wood, wood in turn fuels fire, fire makes earth, and earth yields metals metals produce water.  When opposite elements are combined they cancel each other. Both these balances are concerned in healing a person. And this check and balance makes us lead our life in order. The philosophy of Chinese medicine carries the philosophy and idea of combining the natural elements of earth by healing.

    Traditional Chinese medicine is a complex healthcare program that is based on the belief that health is a body in balance. When the balance is upset a person feels ill. There are different approaches and Chinese treatments to rectify this problem. The difference between Chinese herbal medicine and other form of medicine is that a Chinese herbal formula is designed to aid in restoring balance

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