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  • What is food allergy and how to treat food allergies?
    By Health Blog on April 3, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Food allergies are one of the most popular and common types of allergies that we catch with when we take some food that has been spoiled with some impurities. When you first eat some type of food, you may not know you are allergic to it but minor symptoms of common food allergies usually result in swelling, rashes in the skin, irritation on the skin and tingling of the lips and tongue and swelling in the mouth.

    More severe allergies include trouble breathing, swelling of the throat, vomiting and fainting. These allergies are very severe and dangerous and sometimes become fatal also. The more common term for these conditions is anaphylaxis shock. People with common food allergies could also suffer from upset stomachs, skin rashes or itchy, swollen eyes. There is no exact symptom that a person with a common food allergy will get so it is important to note all the different reactions you might have after eating a certain meal.

    food allergy

    The good thing about common food allergies is that if you stay away from these foods, the allergies will not be a problem. There have been eight foods that are associated with common food allergies.

    - Milk

    - Eggs

    - Peanuts

    - Tree nuts

    - Fish

    - Shellfish

    - Soy

    - Wheat

    About 90 percent of common food allergies can be related to these eight foods. People with these food allergies have gotten help from the Federal Food and Drug Administration identifying harmful foods. Companies and restaurants are required by law to state if any of these foods are in an item. Also, they have to state if one of these foods is used in the cooking process. The FDA is looking out for everyone to make common food allergies uncommon.

    If you do have common food allergies, let your doctor know on every visit about this allergy. There are some medications that you might not be able to take because you might have a reaction to the medicine.


    If you think you have a food allergy or notice that after you eat a certain item that you do not feel well, you may want to check with your doctor to see if you have any allergies. There are some tests through which our doctor or an allergist can check for common food allergies. Such tests include a blood test, skin test and a careful description of what you have eaten. It is smart to keep a journal of foods and write down whenever you have a reaction. This way doctors can use this when deciphering the information and will be able to tell if you have a common food allergy.

    Reading labels:

    Reading labels and all warnings on food is important. If you have a peanut allergy, but do not realize that a certain snack could have peanuts in the process, you could end up suffering for a severe reaction. Labels will state if peanuts are or could be used while making the food.

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