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» Food borne diseases

  • Food borne diseases
    By Health Blog on July 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    In the previous post I wrote about how food that we eat may be contaminated and what are the factors through which food may be contaminated. In this post I want to tell about the possible diseases that we are vulnerable to because of eating contaminated food.


    Some of the food borne diseases are salmonella, cholera, blood diarrhea, renal failure, blood poisoning etc. These are only some of the diseases and there are so many diseases that occur due to this. Salmonella is caused mainly due to the consumption of poultry or eggs and eating them without cleaning and boiling properly. People already know that one of the most famous diseases “Bird Flu” occurs mainly due to eating the diseased chicken which was not properly cooked and boiled. Cholera which is the most common disease in south Asian countries and African countries occurs mainly due to drinking polluted water and also transmitted due to food. In pregnant women, infections with the disease of Lm (Listeria monocytogenes) cause abortion and stillbirth and in infants and adults weaken the immune system and lead to blood poisoning. This disease occurs mainly due to intake of cheese and meat products which are stored for longer time. Consumption of the aqua foods that are made to grow in unsanitary conditions and eating raw or slightly processed aqua foods are also one of the reasons for trematodes. So we should take so much care while we are cooking and eating.

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