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  • Drinking fresh water
    By Health Blog on July 5, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Water is very crucial to our life and we can’t live without water. Drinking as much water as we can and it will reduce so many health problems and makes our body disease resistant but we usually don’t care about the water we are drinking. The water we drink should be pure and free from bacteria. Water is very important and good for our health at the same time if we drink spoiled water or dirty water it leads to so many diseases and it will be the beginning of the disease. The general water that we get from nearby river or lake contains so many poisonous substances and bacteria. The poisonous substances include lead, mercury, zinc etc. which are very very harmful to our life and some of them lead even to cancer. So drinking pure water is very important. Before drinking boil the water and then purify it and then drink it. Now a days there are so many devices which purifies the water by following the same mechanism. So using those devices for purification is very important.

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