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  • Hair fall
    By Health Blog on June 26, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Hair fall is one of the major problems that people are suffering with now a days. People are very worried about their hair and they feel very sad when they are losing their hair. It’s very difficult to stop hair fall suddenly but we can prevent hair fall by following some steps. It’s very difficult to get back the hair that we already lost so what we can is do is that we can prevent the hair fall. Diet effects the hair fall very much. We should take the diet that is rich in proteins like sprouts, fruits etc. These reduce the hair fall to an considerable amount. Now a days there are some advanced technologies and medicines that can prevent hair fall completely and also get back the hair that we lost. Even if we lost our hair completely these technologies improves the hair development but these cost so much cost. These technology take money per hair.

    Washing hair with some natural herbs and making sure that dandruff does not come in to the picture can reduce the hair fall. Exercises also reduce the hair fall which occurs mainly due to lack of strength. This increases the follicle strength and reduces the hair fall. Curd is the best thing that can reduce the hair fall. Bu putting it on the hair and washing after 1 hour will reduce hair fall and makes the hair silky. Applying lemon will reduce the dandruff. Please stop using unnecessary products like creams to the hair, use only coconut hair oil which makes the hair healthier.

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