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» Hair Loss

  • Tips for chosing a good hair transplant doctor
    By Health Blog on July 19, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Your appearance is determined various factors and hair is one of them. If you don’t agree with this, try to talk to one of the hair loss victim. There are certain techniques and medical procedures through which your hair can grow back and look like every other common man like hair restoration surgery. He will express you the uncomfortable feeling that he is carrying on because of improper growth of hair. There are two reasons for the improper growth of hair, one is some humans have this from the birth due to genes and for some reasons. The second reason is burns. When ever there is a burn on your hair, then also your hair becomes ugly and cluttered.

    Recently, a new video has been released showing that how untidy is Micheal Jackson’s face when his hair was burnt accidentally while shooting an ad film for coca-cola. The downside of hair loss is it takes a long time to restore the skin beneath it. Did you know that Nutritional Supplements could be aggravating your hair loss? Hair restoration is a good solution if you are not comfortable with bald hair.

    Hair transplantation is a good and successful technique for restoring your hair. There are some guidelines before you chose a hair transplant doctor which I have read from a blog and I thought it would be good if I share that here so that you can take care next time when either you are your friend is undergoing such an operation.

    1. Review the physician’s qualifications and his experience in that field.
    2. Talk with few of the patients who have undergone similar kind of transplantation under him.
    3. Your doctor should have expertise in dermatology and a member of a legitimate society and national medical institutes.

    I hope these small tips will help you in choosing a better doctor.

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  • No need to worry about Hair loss
    By Health Blog on July 8, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    I am struggling with the problem of hair falling since 3 or 4 years and I lost almost all my hair and I am not still married. I felt very sad to even attend the functions and parties ad even to talk with my friends as they always used to comment on my hair. I am even not able to get out and feel free to associate with others. I tried so many oils and used so many kinds of medicines but nothing stopped or given me the relief. I consulted one of the hair specialists and he suggested me to go for hair transplant and that is one and only one option to choose. So I spent so much of my money towards it. But this also proved to be useless and I lost that hair too which was transplanted. So I thought to consult one more specialist who is the best in hair transplants and later I went to one of the clinic and my problem was completely solved and I came to know that selecting correct specialist also matters very much. Later I came to know that the doctors or specialists in this clinic are all certified specialists and are certified by the IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons) and these people are differently skilled and are true leaders of surgical hair restoration. This is the only organization recommended by the American hair loss association. The membership into this IAHRS is a privilege accorded only to a select and elite group of physicians who are having highest moral and professional standards. So I thought that this would be good suggestion to all people who are suffering with the same problem of hair loss and bald heads and get the best services of good specialists and don’t waste spending money in all other waste resources.o for

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  • Simple Remedies To Hair Loss
    By Health Blog on July 2, 2009 | 7 Comments7 Comments  Comments

    Our hair is an important aspect of our personality, and it adds to our overall beauty and refines our personality. But we face the threat of losing this important component of our body and beauty for good. Hair loss is a problem, which has tormented millions of men and women alike, and there have been few who have been able to successfully stop hair loss.

    But instead of waiting for your situation to get out of hands, it is most essential that we remain alert and follow the old saying, “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. There few simple tips that can help us keep hold of our beautiful hair, and prevent any hair loss.


    Biotin is an essential vitamin in our body which is necessary for the growth of healthy hair, so naturally its deficiency can result in hair loss. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that we are losing hair or not, we should include it in our routine diet.

    We all like fruits and vegetables as they are tasty and delicious, but another reason to increase their use is that they contain vitamin A, C and E along with Zinc which help in hair growth.

    Many useful herbs like nettle roots and green tea are also useful in hair loss prevention as they contain speed up hair growth. Getting a scalp massage is also very useful as it improves the circulation of blood and allow vitamins to reach the roots of our hair. 

    Any intelligent person who loves his hair will definitely start adopting such remedies so as to prevent a situation which can get out of hand. Besides these tips involve natural ingredients and hold no side effects for your body.

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  • Control Hair Loss Through Natural Herbs
    By Health Blog on June 26, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Hair loss is one of the fastest growing problems among men as well women. And the worst part is that it can actually happen to people of any age; many youngsters also face the threat of losing hair at a fairly early age.

    There are many medical reasons behind loss of hair. The most difficult cases are when the process of hair loss is hereditary. Many treatments are often talked about, but people remain skeptical of their use as many harmful side effects are caused. Therefore, the most popular treatments among patients are those which involve the use of natural ingredients rather than harmful artificial processes.


    Over the years the use of natural herbs has helped in curing many different diseases. Effects of use of natural herbs to control hair loss have also been found to be encouraging.

    Gingko Biloba is a herb that helps to increase the circulation of blood, which results in transportation of more nutrients to the hair follicles causing rapid re-growth of hair. Green Tea has also been found to be useful especially for bald men, but its intensive use is required.

    Polygonum Multiflorum or “Fo-Ti” is another Chinese herb which has been used from thousands of years to prevent hair loss. Nowadays it is easily available in the form of pills and capsules. Pygeum and Stinging nettle are also useful to prevent baldness in males, and are easily available in the form of capsules and pills.

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