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  • Add Shampoo and Avoid Itching of hair
    By Health Blog on October 4, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Add Shampoo and Avoid Itching

    Add Shampoo and Avoid Itching

    Society generally will not accept the people who always busy with their task or clearing off the dandruff which got settled over the shoulders or the flakes over the hair. People around us feel annoyed when some starts scratching scalp. So it’s our responsibility to make us clear from all kinds of itching. Now the highly polluted areas are making every one to face a new problem called dandruff. This dandruff slowly enriches the irritation and then the problem of itching. This completely makes the person self conscious, uncomfortable and makes him to face the problem of hair fall. Some the reasons for this may vary, but the result will be the same. Let’s know what makes us to scratch our scalp and makes our self embarrassing.
    Causes of Scalp Itching:
    Scalp itching causes due to different conditions in health. The causes also vary based on age and environment.
    Care of Hair: Based on your hair care, the chance of dandruff occurrence varies. If you wash your hair infrequently and also not maintains a gap of max two days can enriches the oil and dust over hair which forms the fungus and bacteria and results to dandruff. This dandruff cans worse the condition of scalp and forms the flickers and itching.
    This itching enriches the hair loss and it can also lead to bald head on neglecting the sensitive itching.
    When dandruff falls on face and fills into the nails, the cause of pimples and allegories get increased and leads to unbearable paining acne problem. To avoid this regular wash of hair is required. And if you are facing the problem of dandruff, just prefer for the anti dandruff shampoo’s. If possible choose herbal anti dandruff shampoos.

    rid of scalp itching

    rid of scalp itching

    The improper functioning of immune system makes the white blood cells over active and these cells will affect the healthy skin and forms the swollen, itchy patches over the skin. This also effects in genus and complete environment and it affects the scalp of the body.

    Malnutrition is the major cause for the dryness of skin making patches and also itching sensation over the skin. This can be finding mostly in children.

    Treatment varies on conditions of itching. Basically we can prefer either home remedies or prescribed medication. Anything which has keen role can have the effective role over the scratches over scalp.
    If the scalp itching is due to the cause of ringworms it needs a medical attention. This treatment can be of six weeks and sometimes it extends. The counter remedies of ringworms over scalp always needs accurate treatment.
    Apply the diluted lemon juice over the skin monthly twice and you find the perfect rid of this problem. Prefer the food which always healthy for skin and hair. This can improve the skin moisture and clears all the dryness and dandruff from the scalp.
    We can find the good solution when you are clear of the reason behind the dandruff and itching over the scalp. Once we find the reason they are many numbers of accurate solutions for every cause.

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  • Tips for healthy and beautiful hair
    By Health Blog on March 3, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Tips for healthy and beautiful hair

    Each type of hair requires special care. Dried, dyed, dandruff, even the normal, the more grateful, deserving of our attention. To go directly to the root of the problem, start by identifying how is your hair. Then, with the Introduction to learn tips to keep without wasting time or money, and most of the time without having to leave. Have a beautiful and healthy hair is not difficult, only takes will and perseverance.

    Decalogue for your hair

    We must treat the hair gently, massage gently with fingertips from the neck to neck. Apart from the shampoo, all types of hair conditioner and need a mask adapted to their characteristics that will apply once a week.

    Rinsing is key starts with ends with warm water and very cold water. So can do to your hair shine.

    Wash, dry and comb it gently

    To dry freshly washed hair, just press the towel to absorb excess moisture. Dryers and irons only when absolutely necessary and always with an average temperature. Unravels the hair carefully so as not to break. If you have oily, invests in wooden combs and brushes natural cedar.

    A good cut

    Do not go to the hairdresser only in extreme cases. The hair must be revitalized. The most useful tip is to cut every six to eight weeks to grow strongly and will not be cracked.

    beautiful hair

    beautiful hair

    A brilliant touch

    To achieve this you can also extend condensed milk by the hair before rinsing, and then pass a bucket of ice for the wicks. Another option is to prepare a mask with wheat germ oil. Let her act during the night and the next morning, washing, Remove with water and a dash of apple vinegar.

    For oily hair

    This is the most common type of hair, 35 percent suffer. If you’re one of those affected, then pouring off the fat a little lemon juice in the final rinse. Also, you will either brewer’s yeast and, although it may seem surprising, masajearte the scalp with oil. However, the latter in moderation, only once a week, if not get the opposite effect.

    Whether the result of inheritance or the use of natural dyes and other practices that punish the hair can combat the dryness. Indicates the choice of natural ingredients: two egg yolks, one teaspoon of rum and castor oil. Leave the mixture to act a few minutes, take a good wash! Optional.

    Assumed moraine

    If the power chamomile blond hair, has dark hair with rosemary as an ally. Put to boil a handful of fresh rosemary leaves, chopped 2 cups water. Wait five minutes more before removing the preparation and enter into a container with a diffuser. Keep in the fridge to spray on the hair. See how the black power.

    If you also want your hair has reddish glare, before testing begins using fuses with infusions of red tea in the last rinse.

    Curls under control

    Taming curly hair need not be an ordeal. Just apply egg white on the hair to define its natural form. To prevent tangles, essential conditioner. Their results will be more evident if the expected hair wrapped with aluminum foil.

    I want volume!

    Others are concerned about it and dream of giving birth to a hair. If this is your case, get to work and spread foam on wet hair from root to tip.

    Dyeing but healthy

    Keep your color perfectly mixing almond milk, essence of cinnamon and a few drops of lemon. If you are one of those also stained at home, first isolated from the contour of the scalp and ears with Vaseline or moisturizer. If you have not done and will stain the skin, do not despair. The spots may disappear by rubbing with a cotton swab soaked with alcohol and shampoo.

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  • Healthy Hair Are Beautiful Hair
    By Health Blog on March 25, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    We have talked about controlling hair loss and what a menace this problem can be. But just conversely, beautiful hair can add a wonderful glow to your face and a sizable impact on your personality.

    There can be a number of ways through which we would be changing the way our hair look, but have you ever pondered about how much steps we take to make our hair healthy and strong from the root.


    healthy hair is beautiful hair

    As for excessive dyeing, it is needless to mention how much that can be damaging for your hair in the long run, as they contain numerous chemicals that you otherwise would not even think about going near to. Do not dye unless you really have to, and take patch tests for allergies that many good hair color products offer before getting to use them. Apart from skin irritation, they can cause hair breakage, skin discoloration, and even cancer.

    Rather wash your hair daily and regularly, while massaging them carefully with shampoo and in one direction to avoid damage. Learn about your hair type and choose a shampoo with a compatible intensity with your hair type. Massage your scalp regularly, that will help in regulating your blood circulation and treat your hair with jojoba, coconut or Indian Gooseberry oil at least weekly before washing for their strength.

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