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  • Rid for all Kinds of Headaches
    By Health Blog on August 5, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    head ache

    head ache

    The major invisible problem which feels like we are dying is headache. There are many types of headache; each will show its own nature on human. As we have discussed earlier about primary and secondary headaches. This article enlightens the remedies for all types of headaches individually.


    It’s the best well known treatment in China and it is adapted in many other countries. Acupuncture can improves blood circulation in the entire body which reduces the headache and resolves the hair fall problem.

    It’s an insertion of needles at vital problem to know the life of life force on skin. When it finds the correct life manner, it resolves most of the ailments. These needles mostly will be of pain free. Many will be afraid of pain, but it’s mostly pain free treatment.

    Rid Sinus Headache

    Analyze the symptoms of sinus which generally consists of yellow or green nasal discharge with full of pressure and pain in cheeks, forehead, eyebrows.

    Check out for the mucus test for infection for severe symptoms which are mentioned above.

    Choose counter pain killers, decongestants, antibiotics as per the doctor’s prescription.

    Use humidifiers to avoid the return of Sinus and make indoor air moist.

    Avoid Stress Headache

    This is the common head ache which everyone will face due to the hectic works, higher level thinking and more which deals with brain and nerves. Few basic tips for this pain are

    Place ice cubes over the eyes, which contracts the eye nervous and then brains.

    Prefer for the massages which includes the shoulders, neck and head.

    Have minimum of 8hours sleep, which can relieve from headache.

    Prefer herbal remedies which includes peppermint, cayenne etc. Herbal treatment usually will be free of side effects.

    Rid of Headaache

    Rid of Headaache

    Medication for Mild Headache

    Mild headache are quite common in the high scheduled life. This needs only few tips like having nap or rest for few hours. Dehydration is also causes this problems. It’s better to have plenty of water every day (minimum 8 glasses of water).

    Prefer for Reflexology. Use your right thumb and keep pressure on the head. Use the second hand simultaneously until the head ache is eases.

     Apart from these remedies, there are few more natural remedies which are very effective.

    Lavender: When the head ache turns to worst despite of medication, then apply lavender to the palms which makes the body cool within seconds and this intern relaxes your stress in head and finally your intolerable head ache.

    Peppermint: This is other remedy for quick relief from headache. Take two drops of peppermint and add to two drops of lavender. Gently massage on each temple for at least 5minutes and avoid massaging over eyes.

    Herbal Pillow or eye cooling mask which gives instant relief from this torcher named headache.

    Eye Site remedy: Check your headache mostly concentrates on eye part? If so, consult eye specialist who can clear our doubt and give better solution.

    Due to the hectic schedules and stress, head ache has turned to quite common problem in every one’s life. But neglecting in any aspects can turn to severe problems of future. If the headache knocks your door frequently, prefer for the appointment with doctors which leads to the accurate solution.

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  • Solution for headache
    By Health Blog on July 25, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Headache is one of the most common health problems. It may be caused due tension, migraine or it may be a sign of serious diseases. There are some conditions in which we may get headache. They are simple headache, due to migraine, tension headache, due to eyestrain headache, due to high blood pressure, due to sinusitis, due to meningitis and due to brain tumor.

    For simple headache, we can reduce it by taking rest or aspirin and keeping the cloth soaked in hot water on back of neck.

    For the headache caused due to migraine, the person will suffer from one sided headache. Noise, bright, tension, alcohol, anger, excitement or irritation can cause this problem. This migration causes the blurring of vision, seeing strange spots of light, numbness of one hand or foot, followed by severe headache which may last for so many hours or days. There may be vomiting, eye redness, dizziness or nausea. Migraine causes severe headache but not dangerous.

    When you are suffering from headache then take aspirin with strong coffee or black tea and lay down in a dark and quiet place and relax.

    Headache due to eye strain can be reduced only through wearing the spectacles. This can identified through pain felt around the eyes forehead, temples and sometimes back of the head. Headache due to BP occurs early in the morning or when we get tension. Headache due to sinusitis occurs during waking up and midmorning and become worse when we bent our head. The person suffering with brain tumor, headache lasts for hours and occurs at night and may also cause the vomiting and slowing of mental function. This should be solved through medical help only.


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