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» healing without medicines

  • Healing diseases without any medicines
    By Health Blog on August 19, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Most of the health problems can be solved without medicines. Excessive use of the medicines makes our more weak and reduces the resistant power of our body. After some days after using medicines more frequently, those medicines will become useless and our body will not respond to those medicines and we need to take more powerful medicines that affects all the other parts of the body and also costs very much and difficult to get them nearby. So we should try to reduce the use of the medicines as much as possible. Not only the usage of the medicines affects the resistant power of our body but also affect the natural defense mechanism of our body. People can get out of the sickness including from common cold and flu very easily using some household food products without the use of medicines.


    Even in the case of serious illness, when a medicine may be needed, it is the body that must overcome the illness and the medicine just helps for curing. Much of medical treatments should not depend upon the medicines and doctors should also try to recommend as less medicines as possible. Doctors should recommend the medicines unless the condition is severe. We should not run to the doctor for even the small health problem that we get. We need to try to heal it with the home based treatments by following some basic precautions.

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