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  • List of Health and Fitness Blogs
    By Health Blog on May 3, 2011 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    Know of a great health and fitness blog? I plan to collect and update this list as I find new health weblogs or when new blogs are submitted. The health blogs are listed alphabetically and I’ll try to check on them from time to time to make sure they’re still being updated and worth visiting.

    List of Health and Fitness Blog

    List of Health and Wellness Blogs Online

    Send your health blog to me (leave a comment below) and I’ll add it to the blog list below if I love it.

    • Dr. Pullen – An almost daily health blog by doctor Pullen who is a family physician practicing in Puyallup, WA, USA. Informative posts for getting healthy and staying well.
    • Dr. Weil’s Blog – If you have read Dr. Weil’s books or listened to his audiobooks and like his ideas, you’ll also enjoy his daily blog. Filled with health news and tips on keeping healthy, with an alternative slant.
    • Men’s Health Blog – Entertaining list of health & fitness blogs for men which looks at topics like erectile dysfunction, working out, exercising, building muscle, losing your belly and other manly topics.
    • New York Times Health Blog – The health and wellness blog from the NY Times looks at news on keeping healthy and getting fit.
    • Wall Street Journal Health Blog – The WSJ health blog looks at pharmaceutical companies in the news, health discoveries, fitness tips and new developments in the health industry.
    • WebMD Blogs – List of all the health blogs on the WebMD website. Include blogs by experts on cholesterol, diabeties, diets, weight loss, healthy living, erectile dysfunction, health insurance, food, healthy cooking, breastfeeding, fitness, drugs, medicines and much.
    • Wheat Belly Blog – The blog by the author of the popular Wheat Belly book continues his discussion on the evils of wheat in our diet. Dr. William Davis has some great advice on his site.

    The list of health and wellness blogs will grow over time :-)

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