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    By Health Blog on August 15, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    One of the major reasons behind people getting diseases and dying is lack of proper awareness among them regarding their health and lack of basic health education. For example the health problem that is prevailing at this situation is swine flu which everybody might have heard about this but how many are following the basic preventive measures? The main reason behind this negligence is that they don’t know how it affects and how it takes away their lives. People should know the basic information about any difficult health problem and know how they have to face the problem.

    This is their responsibility to know about their surroundings and gain the health awareness. But the government of each country should strive to provide the basic health education for every citizen and it’s their responsibility to create awareness among people. Once the people are given the basic health education they all can easily get to know what to do if any difficult situation occurs. Even so many people don’t know that they have to contact doctor or go to hospital when they get any health problems as they don’t have any access to the hospitals. People should try to gain the knowledge about both physical and mental health and get the required information in the hospitals or any health centers and know what to do any health problem occurs and how to prevent it.

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