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  • Ruining Health by Weight loss Surgeries
    By Health Blog on January 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    weight loss of surgeries

    weight loss

    Over interest towards slim structures, ineffective exercises, continues feed to stomach, long time sitting works rooting the zeal towards the instant weight loss and over excitement towards surgical slimness. This kind of attitude may slim downs your structure but enriches several health issues. Many researches have proven that the weight loss surgeries definitely improve the physical structure from belly ball to spectacular slim shape. Let’s have some optimism on the surgical weight loss and its effects at back-end in financial and medical aspects.

    Weight loss with Bariatric surgery

    In this fashion world every one is conscious in decreasing weight loss and pertain the perfect slim structure. But due to the complete fixed sitting jobs and love towards fatty words, in defeating obstacles for the weight loss destiny are emerging. And especially weight loss is unbearable mental pain for the people who have heredity or obesity. After the several attempts also only a negligible changes can be observed in people. This depressing and degrading feel of weight loss soothes with the bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgery is the surgery which reduces the food intake which especially deals with caloric intake and leading to the weight loss.

    Unexpected effects of surgeries

    Several researches and practical experiences enlighten the facts of baratric surgeries or stapling the stomach called bypass surgeries. Though this surgery is meant as a worthwhile for the obese people, its effects at the backdoor really ruin the life.

    High fracture rate:

    The bariatric surgeries decrease the calorie rate in humans tends to the weight loss, but this advanced surgery also reduces the other proteins and minerals which are very crucial for the body fitness. Vitamin D and Calcium are the roots for the strong bone. But the surgeries rob the vitamin D and Calcium level and builds to steps for bone fractures. Recent studies concluded that the 21 among 97 of middle age (especially women) are facing bone fractures (mostly at limbs). The researches couldn’t able to determine the cause of the limb or other bone fractures.

    Bariatric surgery

    Statistics of improvements in surgeries and side effects

    Around 58 percent of people, gone through the baratric surgeries are facing several other health barriers. This includes the raise of gastric problems, heart attacks, respiratory failure, staple leakage,pneumonia and abdominal hernias. Every issue can lead to the break of life line. After doing several improvements in the surgery process in 2009, the percent level dragged down to 28 percent. But still the life threatening health barriers like dumping, ulcers, wound reopening, hemorrhage, wound reopening, deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism,heart attacks and strokes   remains unchanged. After passing through several changes the only exception is finding in gastric bypass risk from 2.9 to 0.1.

    Though there is a long down drawn of side effects, it is not considered as preferable surgery. As the time passing, it is posing new health defects in humans. Over conscious towards health raises several health disasters. A strong health makes to sustain in the world not the slim structure. Losing weight is acceptable but not in the instant or immediate effecting methods. Natural, healthy and long span exercises or correct can only you personality perfect and retains the strong health.

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