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  • Nails -Navigator of Health
    By Health Blog on August 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Did you ever tried to avoid cutting your nails for months together. You might have found few people who always want to increase their nails. Few like Remond earned few awards and records for their longest nails. But generally when you start growing your nails, you might have observed that there will be some problems like dust getting settled in nails, disordered shape and color changing. Nails are the shows you health status in most of the cases. This article is one which comprises of nails and its uses to realize your status.

    Nails are not only meant for good appearance but also strive to protect our tissues, scratch issues and also warn about the diseases signs.  This beautiful nails are the part of skin which grow for every month by 2 or 3 millimeters. This nails are composed of six parts of skin, they are generally located at layer called Keratin.  The small size nail is fixed within the nail folds which are around the nail, fixed over the cuticle and its roots begin from lunula. And also there is a nail bed which is just under the nail.  This growth will grow based on the proteins level in the body and its growth will be more in summer time.

    Health Status by Nails:

    There are some cases where nails face many issues based on the health and nutritional situations in body.  Most beautiful nails can change their shape, color and growth if body has some deficiencies. The nail growth and its look are completely based on the level of biotin, protein and iron level. Nails can fade out its color if the body is lacking with iron level, it may pale out when the blood level decreases in body indicating the symptoms of anemia. Some time the shape of the nail also change warning the condition called koilonychias. Sometimes nail turn to yellow or red color when the person is affected with Zounds.

     Human Mental Status by Nails:

    You might have observed people who bite the nails when they got stressed or bored. Many researches proved that there are around 50 percent of kids and 23 percent of adults who bite their nails when they find stressed. But nail biting may leads to some mild to major issues. By biting the nails most of the bacteria which got settled down under nails passed in to mouth and can lead to virus diseases.  Severe nails biting can lead to severe nail infections and also makes your fingers look unkempt.  It also considered as impulse control disorder.

    nails biting

    nails biting

     Minor Accidents effect Nails:

    When you minor accidents affecting your nails results the faded color spots over the nails and sometimes nails shape will be out. When accident is severe it results to broken blood vessels and forms verticals over the nails with deep color and this spots are termed as hemorrhages.

    Infection around Nails

    When there is some red itching around the nails or some disorder shapes birth around the nails is indication that the nails got infected with some or the other sort of fungus. This fungal infection can make your nail thicker and crumbly. And colored changed nails which generally named as viral warts are not treated by doctors commonly.  

    Sometimes when person suffers with undiagnosed diseases like heart problem, kidney problem, lung disease, low level of oxygen in body will lead to the changes in the color of nails.  

    An immediate action is required when the nails are found with some or the other problem. Frequent manicure and pedicure is quite essential for healthy and beautiful nails. Be careful of your nails instead of neglecting as minor part of body.

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  • Healthy Benefits of Yoga
    By Health Blog on August 3, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments
    yoga in morning

    yoga in the morning

    Our surrounding is totally polluted today and many people are suffering from various diseases. The major causes of such problem is lacking of exercise. We are not doing any work out to keep ourselves fit. Those who are young will not get any effect at the moment but the results will be bad in their old age. They might feel trouble while walking, traveling or going to any place. Many other things can be possible if you are not doing exercise. We are not aware of the problems we are facing at the moment, and we can’t even expect the trouble we will get in future. To keep safe from any of the trouble the only way is Yoga. It is the exercise process through which we can keep ourselves fit. There are many procedures which can be done in this exercise. If you follow them you will get rid of all your body troubles.
    The only thing is where to find the center for yoga. Today you will find the centers for exercise everywhere. The reason behind people made it their profession. They are earning good money as they are teaching the way to keep self fit. These details can be found on internet and you can reach them easily. Another thing to notice is checking the reviews about the center you are going to join. That you can do through available websites and forums where you will get the ideas and views of other people who joined these centers.

    Healthy Benefits of Yoga

    Healthy Benefits of Yoga

    Moreover, if you are looking for stuff through which you can work out at your home or office then you can download the available e-books from the internet. These e-books are written by professional people who have huge experience in yoga. You will find the pictures to guide you the exact steps. This way you can do the exercise properly. You can also visit the available centers of yoga as there are many camps and centers where you can get the admission and can do the exercise on regular basis. Many of the popular gurus are also arranging the camps in various cities. You can collect the information about their centers and champs through internet. Many of them are having their own website as well.
    If you are not getting any source for exercise or any camp you can take help of internet as there are many websites giving detail material about this exercise.

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  • Importance Of Colon Cleanse And Detox
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Poor diet is the cause for most of the health woes that people face nowadays. Owing to the change in lifestyle, the consumption of both processed and other junk foods has been steadily increasing. The truth of the matter is that they are not only harmful but also detrimental to your health, considering that they increase toxin that build inside the body. It is important to note that if you are of the type whose diet mainly contains essential minerals and nutrients from healthy foods, then your body will not require any help when it comes to dispelling toxins. Routine body cleansing is an important factor for safeguarding your health and for your overall well being.

    The life of your colon is a vital factor that should be considered when thinking of your health issues. It is important for you to realize that you have control as to how deep you would want to cleanse your system of toxins. As mentioned earlier, through consumption of the proper food and by engaging in the right type of exercises, a colon cleanse is bound to happen organically. In other words, the more processed food or junk you pump into your body the more at riskier you put your colon.

    There are colon cleanse plans that are used by various people, but it is important to note that an effective one is the one which starts by evacuating all colon waste effectively. This is usually the greatest challenge which your body can ever face. Diarrhea and constipation are the clearest indications of toxins presence in the intestines. In other words, they are the perfect definition of having an unhealthy bowel. Note that heavy consumption of junk food leads to the body getting polluted by poisonous gases. They eventually find their way into the bloodstream and then finally to other joints and body parts, causing irritation.

    Colon detoxification is such that it involves drinking lots of fluids such as freshly made fruit juices and vegetables. There is a berry referred to as the Acai berry, which most nutritionists have touted to be the best colon cleanse detox nowadays. Note that once the colon has been detoxified, many toxins that have accumulated in the body are rid of from your body as well. Statistics prove that colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the world. Once the body has accumulated toxins, putrefactive waste impacts the colon causing it to either be prolapsed or its inflammation.

    After the colon has malfunctioned, you can rest assured that the large intestines will be affected as well, something that might end up putting a strain on the whole digestive system. The end result is that you will be in and out of hospital owing to a host of health complications, something you’d have easily controlled through a colon cleanse and detox. In simpler terms, colons cleanse and detox is paramount if at all you understand what healthy living means. It is a process which has to start from the inside; therefore checking your feeding habits might just be the starting point for the answer.

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  • Burn the Fat And Build Those Abs With Ease Using Ab Circle
    By Health Blog on March 16, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    build the abs
    build the abs

    Ab Circle is the exercise machine you want if you are interested in toning and strengthening your abdominals. This unique device is designed to target your entire core, which consists of your lower and upper abs and obliques. It also provides an excellent cardio workout.

    What makes the Ab Circle quite innovative is its design. It consists of a friction-free track that allows the user to easily glide back and forth in a circular motion, providing an even workout across the entire length of the abdomen. Due to the fact that you are positioned on all fours, resting your knees on pads and your hands on handlebars, you can comfortably pull yourself back and forth, swaying your hips from side to side. With this machine there is no strain on your body, which is often experienced when you do floor sit ups or another form of stomach crunch.

    You can expect many great results when you incorporate Ab Circle Pro into a healthy lifestyle and use it on a regular basis. Aside from a toned tummy you can achieve a trim waste; a fat burning workout that is good for your heart and lungs; strengthening your bones and much more. Discover for yourself how easy it is to improve your health and look your best with Ab Circle.

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  • Get Beautiful Eye Lashes Naturally
    By Health Blog on March 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Eye lashes are one of the most admired facial aspect of every beautiful and attractive woman. They give them a more feminine and innocent look, and adds flavor to their personality. But not every one has them naturally, in fact most of the women who have beautiful eye lashes, actually have to take great care of them.

    The first and the most observed fact is that eye lashes tend to grow in different directions, and so look unattractive initially. Therefore, curlers can be used to curl all of them in one direction making them look neat, longer and more eye-catching. By using the curler for a few seconds, and repeating this process regularly you can get the eye lashes of your dream.

    Beautiful Natural Eye Lashes

    Beautiful Natural Eye Lashes

    Another important point not to forget is that curling must be done before applying mascara. Applying mascara gently with a brush on your eye lashes is also useful; applying it more violently can result in damaging your eye lashes. Normally, dark mascara when applied to eye lashes, makes them look longer and more beautiful.

    Always use make up remover to remove the mascara, while the use of Vaseline and any powder upon your eye lashes will make them seem thicker. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes violently while washing your face, as your eye lashes are very sensitive. Applying a petroleum jelly on your eyes before sleeping can also help nourish your eye lashes.

    With the use of these natural steps, you no longer need to wear artificial eye lashes when attend your next family get together.

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