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» High Blood Pressure

  • High Blood Pressure
    By Health Blog on July 23, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    High blood pressure often called high BP affects the older people. There are many reasons why a person develop this high BP. In old people, the arteries or blood vessels become hard and blood cannot flow freely. Also, persons who smoke have greater chances of getting this problem. Fat people are specially likely to have high BP.

    How to measure high BP?

    There are two kinds of devices two measure high BP. They are a blood pressure cuff with a guage and the older mercury sphygmomanometer which shows the level of mercury.

    Before measuring the BP we need to some measures:

    1. Make sure that the person is completely relaxed.
    2. Fasten the pressure cuff around the person’s bare upper arm.
    3. Close the valve on the rubber bulb by turning the screw clockwise.
    4. Pump the pressure up to more than 200mm of mercury.
    5. Listen carefully for the pulse as you slowly let air out of the cuff and take the readings carefully.
    6. Take first reading the moment you begin to hear the soft thumping of the pulse.
    7. Take the second reading when the sound of the pulse begins to fade or disappear.

    120 is the top reading and 80 is the bottom reading. The BP should be in between these two readings. If the BP is 135/110 then the person is suffering with high BP and if it’s 60/40 then the person is suffering with low BP.

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